RTCG - Radio Televizija Crne Gore - Nacionalni javni servis :: Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/rss.html me http://www.rtcg.me/img/logo.png RTCG - Radio Televizija Crne Gore - Nacionalni javni servis :: Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/rss.html Montenegro has deserved praise from the EU http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/220923/montenegro-has-deserved-praise-from-the-eu-.html Montenegro deserves EU praise, says Director General in the Ministry of Justice Marijana Lakovic Draskovic. ]]>  "We are confident that the European Commission will again recognize the stable progress and dedication of our institutions to strengthening the rule of law, but also point out certain areas where there are some challenges," said Lakovic Draskovic.

The working document of the European Commission on the chapters 23 and 24 in Montenegro will be officially presented today. Key items will be announced by the head of the Delegation of European Union in Podgorica, Aivo Orav.

Unofficially, the document states that Montenegro has made progress in the fight against organized crime, but not in the fight against human trafficking.

Brussels is still concerned about media freedom. All members states will be informed about this  through the Working Document.

The government expects European partners to recognize Montenegro's progress.

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We may hand over the military airport in Podgorica to the civilian sector http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/220925/we-may-hand-over-the-military-airport-in-podgorica-to-the-civilian-sector.html Montenegro is considering the possibility of allocating the military airport in Podgorica for the needs of civilian traffic, while the center of the military aviation would be Niksic or Berane. ]]> This is what the Defense Minsiter Predrag Boskovic said in the interview with the Radio of Montenegro.

"Our goal is to completely displace army facilities from Boka Kotorska  and to valorize resources, to move the Navy to Bar. When it comes to the Military Airport, we are considering the possibility to move the center of military aviation to Niksic or Berane, and to allocate military airport in Podgorica to civilian traffic," Boskovic said.

Commenting on the allegations that by sending its soldiers to Kosovo Montenegro has betrayed Serbia, Boskovic reiterated that our country did not betray anyone, and that there are still forces that want Belgrade to govern Montenegro.

Boskovic says that the official Podgorica will not allow this to happen.

Montenegro, claims Boskovic, can only betray its own interests, and the presence of our soldiers, as he explained, is in the interest of Montenegro.

Montenegrin participation in peacekeeping missions, Boskovic said, is very useful for our soldiers, because through training with other partner countries and NATO members, they express their readiness and get new knowledge.

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Recognition of Montenegro the most important attainment of Berlin Congress http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/220795/recognition-of-montenegro-the-most-important-attainment-of-berlin-congress.html In the Rectorate of the University of Montenegro, has been marked 140 years since the recognition of our country at the Berlin Congress. ]]> The international recognition of Montenegro's statehood is the most important result of the Berlin Congress, the ceremony attendees assessed.

The main negotiator, Aleksandar Drljevic, said that the Berlin Congress was a turning point in the history of Montenegro, that made an impressive mark and shaped its political, economic, cultural and overall social reality.

"The most important attainment of the Berlin Congress is the international recognition of the state's subjectivity in Montenegro, achieved after a long-standing struggle in this region," said Drljevic.

Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/220795/recognition-of-montenegro-the-most-important-attainment-of-berlin-congress.html
The state of Montenegro has been created and guarded at Cetinje http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/220796/the-state-of-montenegro-has-been-created-and-guarded-at-cetinje.html At Cetinje the state was created and guarded, while the torch of freedom and everlasting patriotism has been burning in the Old Royal Capital even in the hardest times, President Milo Djukanovic said in a congratulatory note on November 13 - The Day of the Old Royal Capital. ]]> Djukanovic said that Cetinje has always represented, not only the cultural-historical but also the socio-political center of life of Montenegro.
"At Cetinje the state has been created and guarded, and the torch of freedom and everlasting patriotism has been burning in the Capital even in the hardest times. Our rich history was shaped at Cetinje. From there we marched towards victories that marked the path, I can freely say, of the modern state that we live in" Djukanovic said.
Today, when we have renewed our independence, we have become a member of the NATO and we are a step away from the EU membership, says Dukanovic, we are dedicated to further developing Cetinje in order to valorize its resources, to support its sustainable development and restore its old glow.

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A boulevard from Danilovgrad to the airport in three years http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/220517/a-boulevard-from-danilovgrad-to-the-airport-in-three-years.html A boulevard from Danilovgrad to Podgorica Airport should be completed in three years, Mayor Ivan Vukovic announced. ]]> The Mayor announced the completion of a boulevard through Donja Gorica. According to Vukovic, the old road to Danilovgrad could be reconstructed by the middle of next year.


"It is absolutely realistic that in three years, or until the end of the mandate of this local government, we have a boulevard from Danilovgrad to the Golubovci Airport," said Vukovic on the occasion of 100 days of work of the new local government.


The most important project that will be done during the mandate of this government, Vuković promises, is a system for wastewater treatment whose collector is only one part.


"These are expensive projects and we will implement them until the end of the mandate," Vuković said.


The mayor said he was not satisfied with the city transport and was dealing with this problem intensively. He announced that Podgorica will be part of the "bike sharing" system.

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Better election laws strengthen political stability. http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/220516/better-election-laws-strengthen-political-stability.html With the reform of electoral legislation Montenegro has shown accountability to voters, and improved legislation will strengthen political stability and existential security, Parliament Speaker Ivan Brajovic said. ]]> At the Cetinje Parliamentary Forum, on the topic of "Electoral Laws, Participants and Campaigns: is the voter the center of attention", he said that Montenegro shows commitment and responsibility towards those who are the bearers, the core and the essence of every democracy - voters.


"Responsibilitytowards them has determined our continuation of the reforms of electoral laws, which will bring additional quality of the process itself in the first next elections. We have formed a temporary committee that will bring ideas into action, harmonize laws with the best examples and practices in developed democracies and appreciate national and other differences,"Brajovic said.


He said that our voters are free, because free will is "theelementary and inalienable right of every human being on the planet and makes the identity of a free citizen".


"Anda free citizen is the identity of a country with all its creative abilities that make it a creator of a civil society.Montenegro has shown that equality and the coexistence of the people are inevitable, which is an obligation to a compromise. MP is the medium through which the will of the voters is spoken,"said Brajovic.


Democracy, according to Brajovic, is no one’s fatherland but a deserved right.


"It is inoculated by the will of voters and their representatives. I am sure that improved legislation will strengthen political stability and existential security," Brajovic said.


The head of the Montenegrin parliament said that at this year's Forum they want to problematize the role of voters in the electoral maze, stating that Montenegro has learned lessons from its centuries-old history.


"So, by relying on our own resources of coexistence and tolerance of different faiths, nations and cultures, we have reached the present level of democratization. Strategic partners supported our policy with NATO accession, and the door of the European Union was also opened,"Brajovic said.

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Messages from Budva provoke pity http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/220391/messages-from-budva-provoke-pity-.html President of the Parliament of Montenegro Ivan Brajovic said that the messages from last night's meeting in Budva, during the celebration of the century from the Podgorica Assembly provoke pity of serious people, to say the least. ]]>  "Part of those messages I heard at the meeting held last night in Budva, to say the least,  provokes the pity in serious people, so huge is their backwardness and failure. To speak in such a way of a state that is independent and autonomous, and which has achieved it in the most complicated way compared to all the countries in the region, the country that is now a member of NATO, and which will surely be the next member of the EU, is unheard of and inexplicable, "Brajovic said.
He said that perhaps it is best not to speak of the Budva event, "because it's almost embarrassing that it happened in our country."
"I really need to say that these stories, narrated either directly or through video messages, speak of the failure of those who told them, they witness of them being trapped in times past long ago, but Montenegro is so strong that it will never allow what had happened a century ago, "said Brajovic.
Last night, historian Aleksandar Rakovic, who was not allowed to enter Montenegro, addressed those present at the gathering in Budva, and, among other things, said that the current government in Montenegro is not everlasting.

"We will unite Serbian countries and liberate the Serbian sea," said one of Rakovic’s messages.

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Katnic: I request respect for Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/220392/katnic-i-request-respect-for-montenegro-.html The trial on terrorism attempt on the election day in 2016 has been continued in Podgorica. ]]> During the trial, a letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia was read out, stating that the witness associate Sasa Sindjelic did not cross the border of that country in September 2016 and that he stayed only at the airport in the transit zone.

"According to the information of the competent authorities of the Russian Federation, on September 27, 2016 Serbian citizen Sasa Sindjelic flew to Sheremetyevo International Airport by flight from Belgrade and on the same day, without crossing the state customs line of the Russian Federation, departed to Belgrade from the zone of transit of Sheremetyevo Airport," says the letter from the Russian Ministry, which was submitted to lawyer Miro Jovanovic.

Prosecutor Sasa Cadjenovic said that the letter from the Russian Ministry did not include sources of information about Sasa Sindjelic's stay at the airport. He also said that the letter is vague and unclear.
"No documents or decisions on the ban on entering Russia to Sindjelic have been mentioned, nor are the reasons given. This evidence is vague, especially when it says "according to knowledge”, because sources are not mentioned about this knowledge," says Cаdjenovic.
Lawyer Miroje Jovanovic said that the document was obtained from the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs at his request.

"This document, when compared with the testimony of the witness, will put this council in a dilemma," Jovanovic said.
Lawyer Dusan Radosavljevic said that this was an important document, which in a simple way indicates that "Sindjelic did not speak the truth".

"This document is the beginning and the end of this procedure," Radosavljevic said.

Prosecutor Milivoje Katnic told judge Suzana Mugosa that she did not react when Radosavljevic offended Montenegro.

"You did not react when he said that this was a shame for Montenegro. This hearing should be interrupted," Katnic said to the judge, adding that the letter of the Russian Internal Affairs Ministry was not a shame.

 Judge Mugosa explained that the lawyer Jovanovic was warned about such statements.

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Montenegro has been the best, Finland supports enlargement http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/220181/montenegro-has-been-the-best-finland-supports-enlargement-.html Montenegro has made significant progress over the past ten years, the Prime Minister of Finland Juha Sipilä said today during the meeting with Prime Minister Dusko Markovic. ]]> As the government announced, prime ministers agreed at today’s working meeting, which took place in Helsinki, that Montenegro has made strong progress in the European integration process and that the process will be continued with the full support of Finland, which will take over the presidency of the Council of the European Union in the second half of 2019.

Markovic welcomed the merit-based approach depending on concrete results achieved by each individual country, adding that, in addition to Finland’s support, Montenegro also expects the support of other Nordic countries.

The Prime Minister of Finland said that Montenegro has made significant progress over the past ten years, highlighting that it has done the best job in the region, which, in his words, is clearly visible. Prime Minister Sipila expressed his Government's position that Montenegro is welcomed into the European Union once it has fulfilled the necessary standards.

“Markovic informed his Finnish counterpart about the comprehensive economic reforms the Government of Montenegro has undertaken with a view to achieving financial consolidation, as well as about numerous development projects that are being implemented with the aim of raising the living standards of citizens and higher quality of life.” the government reports.

The Prime Minister of Finland noted that Montenegro is now a very attractive investment destination, while Prime Minister Markovic stressed that the country has seen obvious democratic and development transformation, in particular after joining NATO and achieving significant progress in the context of EU membership.

Both sides agreed to initiate cooperation between the University of Helsinki and the University of Montenegro, as well as between the two chambers of commerce.

Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/220181/montenegro-has-been-the-best-finland-supports-enlargement-.html
Large state companies to be checked http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/220182/large-state-companies-to-be-checked-.html The State Audit Institution (DRI) will perform, in the following period, audits of large companies which manage large state property, announced DRI senator Zoran Jelic. ]]> "These days we will do the annual audit plan for 2019, where we will cover those most important entities, where we estimate that there is a big risk and where, through the audit, we need to see if the funds of the citizens of Montenegro are used in a legal way," Jelic said.

At today's press conference, DRI presented the Annual Report on the audits and activities of this institution from October 2017 to October 2018.
It was announced that during that period it performed 63 audits, and for the next five-year period, it was planned to strengthen the integrity of the domestic and international plan, the influence in improving the management of public finances, as well as increasing the capacity and efficiency of the work of the institution.
"DRI has carried out a report on the revision of the Draft Law on the Final Statement of the Budget of Montenegro for 2017, 21 individual reports on financial audits and regularity audits, four reports on the audit of success, three control audits, one audit report on the information system, 16 reports on the auditing the consolidated annual financial statements of political entities for 2017 and 18 reports on the audit of political entities for 2016, " said Senate President Milan Dabovic.

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We expectfirst indictments for KLA crimes soon http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/219669/we-expectfirst-indictments-for-kla-crimes-soon.html The president of parliamentary approval for Kosovo and Metohija Milan Drecun said he expects the Special Prosecution to file the first indictments for the crimes committed by the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in the near future. ]]> He told RTS that the statement by a first cousin of Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj, Nasim Haradinaj, for the show "Frontal", in which he acknowledged the murders of Serbs, was scandalous.

"I killed Serb soldiers whenever I had a chance. I tell the family that I'm sorry I did not kill as many as I wanted. I'm sorry that my friends were killed, but I'm glad that I killed Serbs," said Nasim Haradinaj, the Vice President of the Association of Veterans of the KLA.

"It's scandalous. Someone who admits that he has committed crimes is at large. This is unacceptable," Drecun said.

He said that such a statement also confirms Belgrade's allegations that the formation of the Kosovo Army is dangerous, especially when it is known that KLA veterans are also scheduled to play a role in the army.

Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/219669/we-expectfirst-indictments-for-kla-crimes-soon.html
Criminals can not be above institutions http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/219667/criminals-can-not-be-above-institutions.html Supreme State Prosecutor Ivica Stankovic said that the state prosecutor's organization is now a few steps ahead of the one they found four years ago. ]]> On the occasion of the Days of Montenegrin State Prosecutors

in Becici he said that today they are an institution with a different character.

"Even for one term it would be enough to form a special state

prosecution and secretariat of the prosecutorial council, as well as improve the administrative capacities and information-communication technologies,"Stankovic said.

It would be, he said, wrong to say "that we all did everything we planned".

"But one needs to be particularly malicious not to notice that thepublic-prosecutor's organization is a few steps ahead of the one we found four years ago," Stankovic said.

According to the prosecution's orders, as he said, measures and actions were takenwhich resulted in solving the most serious crimes, while numerous members of various criminal groups were arrested and prosecuted.

"In this way we have once again confirmed that only the joint, teamwork of prosecutors who lead the investigation and the officers of the police administration, sends a clear message to all members of criminal organizations that they can not be above the institutions and that they will face justice sooner or later. I emphasize the importance of the results that areachieved in the fight against organized crime, corruption and high-level corruption,"he said.

He says he is most proud of the Prosecution's position.

"I will also repeat at this occasion - we appreciate the advice and recommendations but we do not allow decisions to be made based on them. We have been guided and we will only be guided by the interests of the state prosecutor's organization and only by applying the legal regulations, that is, our constitutional powers,"said Stankovic.

Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/219667/criminals-can-not-be-above-institutions.html
"We will react to the Montenegrin ban" http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/219668/we-will-react-to-the-montenegrin-ban.html Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic confirmed that four Serbian intellectuals were banned from entering Montenegro and added that Serbia would react to that. ]]> "We banned Montenegrin criminals from entering the country, and they are introducing a verbal delict and a delict of opinion," Vucic told TV Prva.

Montenegrin newspaper Dan reported that the Police Directorate issued a decision banning Serbian intellectuals, including Matija Beckovic, from entering Montenegro.

"The crossing of the state border, apart from Beckovic, was also denied to historians Cedomir Antic and Aleksandar Rakovic, as well as Serbian politician and lawyer Dejan Mirovic," Dan found out from the Border Police.

Dan reported that the main reason for the ban are their earlier statements, which, according to Montenegrin security services, represent "a danger to the security of the state." 

In response to this Matija Beckovic told TV N1 that his ban was not surprising, but that he was surprised by the ban of historians who were on that "list", and that he does not know if it was valid for him alive or dead,"since he plans to be live in Montenegro when he dies".

The central celebration of the centenary of the Podgorica Assembly and the Day of the Unification of Montenegro with Serbia and other South Slav nations will be held on December 1 in the Crypt of the Memorial Church of Christ's Resurrection in Podgorica, and Matija Beckovic was suppose to be one of the speakers.

Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/219668/we-will-react-to-the-montenegrin-ban.html
They would strike the foundations of Montenegro even today http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/219556/they-would-strike-the-foundations-of-montenegro-even-today.html Prime Minister Dusko Markovic assessed today, at the 112th anniversary of the formation of the first National Assembly of Montenegro, that history has shown that defence of the spirit of Parliamentarism in Montenegro is essentially a defence of state stability. ]]> "Naimely, the brutal suppression of the Montenegrin name, at the end of the First World War, is littered with a fake plaque of parliamentarism. Under the guise of national will, at the so-called Podgorica Assembly, the name of Montenegro was erased, along with the Montenegrin Parliament as the basis for the sovereignty of every modern state. These days will be completed a hundred years from this tragic event. We are witnessing that today we have among us those who want to celebrate this date, thus glorifying, in that manner, the Montenegrin state disappearance. Behind this, there is a clear message that even today, if they could, they would deal with Montenegrin statehood in a similar way, striking first the foundations of parliamentarism. Therefore, I consider that the defence of the spirit of Parliamentarism in Montenegro is essentially a defence of state stability.," Prime Minister Dusko Markovic said at celebration.

Prime Minister Markovic said that the parliament is a place where the coexistence of different political cultures exists, and that its pluralism has the ability to broaden our aspects, ensuring the quality that no autonomous system of political value can provide in decision making.

"The decisions of our Assembly are a common necessity of all Montenegrin citizens: Montenegrins, Serbs, Albanians, Bosniaks, Muslims, Croats, and all others. I would like to emphasise here, that since 1878, when Montenegro has been confirmed as multinational and multiconfessional, the position of minority peoples and their full freedom are regulated with more sensibility than in the surrounding environment, as well as in developed European countries. That's even then - the chroniclers of that time testify - highly elevated the international reputation and position of Montenegro "- the Prime Minister stressed.

Speaking about our Assembly, Prime Minister Markovic emphasised that the actual 26th Parliament had the honour to adopt the Law on the Confirmation of the North Atlantic Treaty - as a testimony to the outstanding political results achieved by the previous, and partly by this Government.

Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/219556/they-would-strike-the-foundations-of-montenegro-even-today.html
Parliament as personification of the diversity of Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/219557/parliament-as-personification-of-the-diversity-of-montenegro.html Montenegrin Parliament is a personification of national, religious and cultural diversity of Montenegro, that unambiguously, devotedly and responsibly puts all of its potential in the progress, the Parliament President Ivan Brajovic said. ]]> At the celebration of the Day of Parliamentarism Brajovic said that, for the past 112 years, Montenegro has been remembering various successes and challenges in all areas, even in parliamentary life.

" In the up to date Montenegro, through regular parliamentary work and in communicating with citizens, MP participates in creating a better political and socio-economic environment. In that a way, MP opens the doors of parliament to all citizens, " Brajovic said.

He remembered the fact that in the past few years, the Montenegrin Parliament has been rated "as the most open in the region".

He stated that our decision-making freedom "obliges us to be more accountable when making decisions’’.

"To use allowed democratic capacities and control role of the Parliament in order to follow the law enforcement, guarding the constitution guaranteed freedoms and obligations, which are the preconditions of the rule of law. That political mosaic, that sublimation of the needs and wishes of most of Montenegro, resulted in democracy and parliamentarism that are at the forefront of the European integration. That's why our journey is full of challenges, but it is right, and through NATO leads to the European Union, "Brajovic said.

He added he believes that Montenegro "is no longer just a good student, but a teacher who passes its experiences to all who want to and  with whom it shares similar values and goals ".

Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/219557/parliament-as-personification-of-the-diversity-of-montenegro.html
No holiday dedicated to Njegos http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/219427/no-holiday-dedicated-to-njegos-.html The Montenegrin Assembly did not accept the Democratic Front’s proposal to introduce a new holiday in Montenegro, November 13 - Day of Peter II Petrovic Njegos. ]]> Before the vote in parliament, DF deputy Milan Knezevic reminded that a similar proposal came from the Montenegrin government in November 2017, which had to be withdrawn because of the Bosniak party.
"If you do not feel the human and state-building need to support this proposal, then I do not think there is any point of merger in the Montenegrin society around which we could get together. And throw all the story of the multicultural and multireligious Montenegro into the Cijevna River, that no longer exists. Similar proposal was handed down by the Government of Dusko Markovic in November 2017 and it had to withdraw it because the Bosniak Party announced it would not vote for it, "Knezevic said.
He said that the DF, if the party had been in parliament, would have voted for the proposal of Prime Minister Dusko Markovic.
"As a result, we have the fact that the Bosniaks will not only vote for this proposal, but want to change the state symbols in a country where 75 percent of citizens are Orthodox. And Njegos is blamed for writing about freedom and for wanting a small country to free itself from slavery " said Knezevic.

Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/219427/no-holiday-dedicated-to-njegos-.html
Russian regime has mechanisms to divide Montenegrin society http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/219428/russian-regime-has-mechanisms-to-divide-montenegrin-society-.html Putin’s regime in Montenegro won’t repeat the 2016 scenario, as there are so many other tools for inciting destabilization and subversion. It can, for example, organize or incite hatred by encouraging ethnic, social and religious conflicts, aimed at dividing Montenegrin society, Janusz Bugajski, American political analyst and specialist for Balkans, told Pobjeda daily. ]]> As he emphasized, the EU has always been slow when it comes to accepting new member states from Balkans, and the situation now is even worse due to 3 factors. The union has its own internal issues, including the Brexit deal.

 " It is now less concentrated on the aspiring countries. Secondly, the rise of populist and nationalist parties undermines the EU’s unity and questions its future commitments. In the end, the atmosphere in the Union has been greatly influenced by xenophobia and anti-immigration, both strongly opposing the EU enlargement policy,” Bugajski said.

He hopes that Montenegro will soon become the EU member state, and adds that the European Union has made a verbal commitment to accept all the Western Balkans states and Montenegro is probably the best qualified contender.
But as he said, the accession process is slow and under the influence of political events in the Union.

"The upcoming European Parliament elections in May 2019 will clarify the situation and tell us what we can expect from future EU decisions. But, regardless of the situation, Montenegro must continue with enforcement of institutional and legal reforms, as well as with promotion of its democratic and economic development.”, Bugajski said.
He also stressed that Moscow is determined to keep the region unstable, since the goal, as he said, is to keep countries outside NATO and the EU or to gain influence over national governments.
"Even if they are members of both organizations. Putin's regime will not try to repeat the same scenario as the one before the elections because there are plenty of other tools in its arsenal of subversion and destabilization, for example, it can organize or encourage ethnic, social and religious conflicts in order to divide the Montenegrin society and provoke violence, " Bugajski said.

Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/219428/russian-regime-has-mechanisms-to-divide-montenegrin-society-.html
Montenegro an example of civic society http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/219031/montenegro-an-example-of-civic-society-.html Montenegro continues to be a reliable partner and promoter of the United Nations (UN) in all areas, while in the human rights field, our goal is not only to guarantee their protection, but also to actively promote, respect and, above all, fulfill all our international obligations, Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic said. ]]> At the reception marking the UN Day in Cetinje, he acknowledged that Montenegro shared the vision of the United Nations, "not only declaratively, but with true devotion, reacting always timely when it comes to introducing new standards proclaimed by the UN's official policy".
The head of the Montenegrin state said that Montenegro continues to be a reliable partner and promoter of United Nations (UN) policies in all areas, while in the human rights area our goal is "to actively promote, respect and, above all, fulfill all our international obligations" .
“Montenegro has done much in that area, and in some processes we have become example of positive practice in the UN system. More precisely, in the area of human rights, our objective is not only to guarantee their protection, but also to promote them actively, and meet our international responsibilities. Montenegro is one of only 30 or so UN Member States which reports regularly on the implementation of key conventions from the domain of human rights. We are an example of positive practice in the implementation of review mechanisms. Montenegro strongly supports reform processes aimed at strengthening efficiency and effectiveness of the UN”, said Djukanovic.
Montenegro, as he said, strongly supports reform processes aimed at strengthening the efficiency and effectiveness of the UN, while ensuring greater accountability of all actors.

Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/219031/montenegro-an-example-of-civic-society-.html
We prevented more than 20 liquidations http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/219032/we-prevented-more-than-20-liquidations.html The security situation in Montenegro is stable, Interior Minister Mevludin Nuhodzic said in the Parliament. ]]> Adrijan Vuksanovic, MP of the Croat Civil Initiative (HGI), asked the Minister about the current security assessment in Montenegro, bearing in mind personnel changes in the police.

"The security situation in Montenegro is stable as a result of a committed work of security - intelligence sector. It is true that in the previous period there were events and cases that disrupted this picture, but these situations encouraged us even more to strongly oppose to all possible threat to the safety of citizens, ‘’Nuhodzic said.

Numerous activities of the authorities gave results.
‘’Last and this year, we seized about seven tones of drugs’’, Nuhodzic says.

This year, according to Nuhodzic, about 40 people marked as organizers or members of organized criminal groups, have been processed.  72 percent of the crimes committed are solved. 

"We ceased weapons, explosives and other objects preventing in that way more than 20 liquidations," Interior Minister Mevludin Nuhodzic emphasized.

He said that the MUP and the police will make every effort to ensure that all criminals are behind the bars.

Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/219032/we-prevented-more-than-20-liquidations.html
EU is not complete without Western Balkans http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/218908/eu-is-not-complete-without-western-balkans-.html The European Union will be complete only when the countries of the Western Balkans are members of the Union, said Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz in Budva. ]]> At the conference on the economy "Montenegro 2018", organized by the Chamber of Commerce (PKCG), Kurz said that integration works only with the cooperation in politics and economy.

He pointed out that the EU has a clear vision of peace and prosperity on our continent.
"Long-term stability and security for the region and the EU can only be provided if this region is part of the EU," Kurz said.

"The EU is interested in making this region part of the EU," he said, adding that there is now a new dynamic in enlargement.

The EU perspective of the Western Balkans looks better than ever, Kurz says, adding that Montenegro and Serbia are making good progress.

Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/218908/eu-is-not-complete-without-western-balkans-.html