RTCG - Radio Televizija Crne Gore - Nacionalni javni servis :: Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/rss.html me http://www.rtcg.me/img/logo.png RTCG - Radio Televizija Crne Gore - Nacionalni javni servis :: Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/rss.html Kosovo parliament to ratify the agreement http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/194159/kosovo-parliament-to-ratify-the-agreement-.html Presidents of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic and Kosovo Hashim Thaci signed today in Podgorica a joint statement calling on the Kosovo Parliament to ratify the Agreement on the State Border of two countries. ]]> President Vujanovic’s cabinet announced that the two officials met in Gorica Villa, in Podgorica,in order to encourage Kosovo Assembly to ratify the Agreement on the State Border of Montenegro and Kosovo, signed in Vienna on 26 August 2015.
"After the meeting they signed a joint statement calling on the Kosovo Parliament to ratify the agreement. A joint call is made on the basis of mutual trust, good will and the need for further improvement of relations while respecting the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of both countries, fulfilling the obligations of the UN Charter and respecting the European Commission’s Strategy for the Western Balkans,” Vujanovic’s cabinet said in a statement.

In the joint statement they invited competent authorities in Montenegro and Kosovo to inform each other that the ratification process has been implemented and came into force. Thus, the conditions to form common working group for marking the border line will be met. This group should deal with possible misunderstandings during the marking of the border, based on the annex to the agreement.  
"This working group will, if necessary, reconsider and possibly amend the sectors in the direction of Cakor and Kula, which possibility is foreseen by Article 7, paragraph 3 of the said agreement," Vujanovic’s cabinet announced.
After signing the agreement Thaci said that the common Declaration was based on the mutual thrust,good will and common interests for improvement of relations. 

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I do not know who will be the candidate of the DPS http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/194160/i-do-not-know-who-will-be-the-candidate-of-the-dps.html The leader of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) has not announced today who will be the candidate of that party in the presidential election to be held on April 15th. ]]> After opening the Congress of the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY) in Becici , he said that he did not know the name of the DPS candidate in the presidential election.

He announced that in the coming days, it would be known who would be the candidate of the DPS.

"I will not reveal the name because even I have not known it yet. In the next few days we you will be introduced to the candidate of the DPS and I believe to the future Montenegrin president," Djukanovic said.

Commenting developments in the RTCG Council, Djukanovic said that hit wsa not upon him to judge who was right.

He asked whether there was a division of power if the basic court could annul the decisions of the parliament.

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If the weapons had come, brothers would have shot each other http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/194038/if-the-weapons-had-come-brothers-would-have-shot-each-other-.html Witness Mirko Velimirovic said that no one prepares his statements, and that in the case of attempted terrorism on the 2016 election day, he only speaks what he knows and what is true. ]]> During the trial in the High Court, Velimirovic said that he knew exactly where he met the Albanian Fadil from whom, he claims, he bought the weapons.

"I could point the exact point in the map where I met Fadil, where I took the weapons and where I threw them, you can go with me right at the scene and I will show you," Velimirovic said. He also pointed out that on October 16th he was not in the house where the weapons were photographed.

 Velimirovic repeated that his motive to surrender was to prevent the weapons to reach Montenegro.

"My motive was to prevent the weapons reaching Montenegro. If these weapons had been brought, anything could have happened. There would have been firing between brothers in Montenegro that night," Velimirovic said.
He also stated that prosecutors Milivoj Katnic and Sasa Cadjenovic had promised him nothing but protection. "Nobody promised me anything, only those two men here promised me to save me and my family, they did not promise anything to me and they did not fulfill it, if they did I wouldn’t be here today," said Velimirovic.

Velimirovic said that Sindjelic only told him to move the weapons, but not which way. "He said I should figure it out on my own," Velimirovic said, adding that he did not talk to Sindjelic about his relationships.

The trial will continue tomorrow at 9 am.

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Lekic goes to the meeting with opposition leaders http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/194040/lekic-goes-to-the-meeting-with-opposition-leaders-.html The Demos leader Miodrag Lekic will attend the meeting of the presidents of parliamentary opposition parties tomorrow, where they will discuss common candidate for the presidential elections, the party confirmed to Mina agency. ]]> The Democratic Front (DF) Presidency on Wednesday called the presidents of the parliamentary parties to the meeting, saying "it should be held in neutral ground and that all leaders had to be present."

"The meeting should be held in order to avoid speculation, alleged intermediation exclusivity and bidding for candidate names," says the DF's letter.

They asserted that the meeting would not be held if a single one of the opposition presidents missed it.

Participation at the meeting, beside the DF's representatives, was previously confirmed by leaders of the Democrats, the Social Democratic Party, the URA, the Socialist People's Party and the United 

The Democratic Front (DF) Presidency on Wednesday called the presidents of the parliamentary parties to the meeting, saying "it should be held in neutral ground and that all leaders had to be present."

"The meeting should be held in order to avoid speculation, alleged intermediation exclusivity and bidding for candidate names," says the DF's letter.

They asserted that the meeting would not be held if a single one of the opposition presidents missed it.

Participation at the meeting, beside the DF's representatives, was previously confirmed by leaders of the Democrats, the Social Democratic Party, the URA, the Socialist People's Party and the United Montenegro, Aleksa Becic, Ranko Krivokapic, Dritan Abazovic, Vladimir Jokovic and Goran Danilovic.

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Vukcevic to return to the RTCG Council http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/193916/vukcevic-to-return-to-the-rtcg-council.html The Basic Court in Niksic issued a provisional measure requiring Nikola Vukcevic to return to the position of a member of the RTCG Council within three days. Vukcevic's lawyer told Portal RTCG that he expects Parliament to comply with the Court's decision. ]]> The same decision was made in the case of Goran Djurovic. The provisional measure will last until the lawful completion of the civil proceedings is completed.

The Assembly and the state have a deadline of three days to return Vukcevic to the position of a member of the Council. They also have a deadline of three days for an objection to this decision. "The objection does not delay enforcement of a court decision," the ruling states.

For non-governmental organizations CGO, CRVNO, IA and CEMI, this court decision is encouraging. They say that such judicial decisions in, as they say, an atmosphere of inevitable pressure from the ruling party, are a powerful impulse to restore confidence in the judiciary.

"The Parliament of Montenegro and its deputies can not be above the law and the court decisions. Possible obstruction of the authorities to respect the judicial decisions and laws of this state would further damage the state interests of Montenegro. Therefore, we expect that the Assembly, hence the ruling majority, urgently and consistently apply court decisions, which means stopping the process of appointing Ivan Jovetic to the place of Nikola Vukcevic in order to prevent further complicating the otherwise complex situation the system was brought into by illegal decisions of the ruling majority," said the civil sector.

They believe that Ivan Jovetic, as a member of the academic community, in such a circumstances does not want to carry a mortgage of his election and that he also will decide accordingly consistent to the public interest.

"The proceedings of the court in cases of unlawfully removed members of the RTCG Council are not only in the focus of domestic and international interest but will significantly affect the assessment of the rule of law system in the upcoming EC report on Montenegro and thus have a huge impact on the further credibility of the negotiation process,’’ the four NGOs stated.

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Participation in KFOR in Montenegro's interest http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/193917/participation-in-kfor-in-montenegros-interest.html Montenegro will always guide itself by its interests and national priorities, and so has it been with the decision to send members to the KFOR mission in Kosovo, Defense Minister Predrag Boskovic has said today. ]]> He told this to Montenegrin journalists in Brussels, commenting on criticism of Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin on the decision of the Council of Defense and Security on the participation of members of the Army of Montenegro in the KFOR mission in Kosovo.

The Council made a decision on the engagement of two staff officers, one of whom will be deployed to the Command of the Mission in Pristina and the other one in the Regional Mission Command in Skopje.

The proposals for these decisions will be submitted to the Assembly of Montenegro for the final decision.

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Vaccination of children younger then 12 months http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/193792/vaccination-of-children-younger-then-12-months-.html The Institute for Public Health confirmed yesterday two more measles cases in Montenegro, which means that the total number of infected reached five. The future developments will determine whether the epidemic will be declared and when. ]]> Director of Public Health Directorate at the Ministry of Health Miro Knezevic explains for Antenna M that an epidemic is proclaimed when we have an increased number of patients over a certain period of time, in a particular territory, in relation to the number of patients we have each year or several years back.

"It means that if we have five cases per year we don’t declare epidemics. If the number of patients is 50 or 100 or more, then an epidemic is declared", said Knezevic.

He explains that according to Montenegrin vaccination schedule vaccination of children starts at 12 months because children up to six months have antibodies inherited from mothers which can stay up to nine months in a small number of children. In case the children with inherited antibodies are vaccinated before being one year old, the effect of vaccination would be cancelled.

Given that due to the epidemic some countries in the region introduced vaccination for children under the age of one, we have wondered whether such a decision can be expected in our country.

"Depending of the development of the epidemic situation (number of people affected), it is possible to consider the introduction of vaccination of children before they reach age of 12 months. If an epidemic comes to us, as Serbia has now started vaccinating nine months old children, we can also consider it, depending on the size of epidemics and the risk of illness spreading. We can make a special decree to vaccinate children before the age of 12 months, but only in respect of the situation development, " Knezevic says.

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Citizens believe RTCG the most http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/193791/citizens-believe-rtcg-the-most-.html Radio and Television of Montenegro (RTCG) has the greatest confidence of citizens, showed the research "Testing the strength of the RTCG Television, Radio and Portal brand for 2017". ]]> The survey was conducted in December last year on a sample of 1,000 citizens from 21 municipalities, over 15 years old, with the largest percentage of surveyed being below the age of 49.

Respondents, 32% of them, have the highest confidence in RTCG.

"The growth trend has been constant since 2011, and compared to 2016, it has risen by 1.3 percent. The highest percentage of respondents think that RTCG is a television with a long tradition and a TV stations with direct transfers of sports events, and that it has sufficiently educational and scientific programs, " project manager of the company E3 Consulting, Aleksandra Popovic said.

When asked which TV station they are most often watching, 24.4 percent of respondents said that it was the First TVCG program, and according to that indicator it is in the second place.

"82% of respondents think that the First RTCG program has experienced changes for the better, while 67% consider it to be the Second TVCG program in 2017," Popovic said.

The highest quality programs at the First RTCG program, as assessed by viewers are the programs in minority languages, programs for people with disabilities and the NGO sector programs.

"Compared to 2016, the highest increase in grades have the Morning Program and Dnevnik 2," said Popovic.

Respondents believe that Dnevnik TVCG is informative, that it quickly transmits news, while it has received the lowest ratings in the category of political neutrality and modernity.

The respondents who rated the First TVCG program as favourite emphasize its objectivity (42%), news and information broadcasting rate(38.9%) and presenters quality (25.1%).
Regarding the Radio Montenegro (RCG), 62% of respondents do not listen to the RCG, while 16% do it rarely.

"The majority of listeners are from the North and are older than 60," Popovic said.

The study found that more than 70 percent of respondents did not visit the RTCG Portal, while 21 percent of them did it regularly.

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Montenegro deserves praise http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/193676/montenegro-deserves-praise.html Montenegro has strengthened democratic institutions, created a more stable environment for foreign investment, and continued to be a port of peace and stability in the region, which is why it deserves praise, said US Ambassador Margaret Ann Uyehara. ]]> At the ceremonial opening of the 16th generation of the School of Democratic Leadership (SDR) , she said that Montenegro has a great chance to "build a chance on the road to European integration".

"This is the only way that we see as a way of peace and stability in the Balkans," said Uyehara.

She said that Montenegro has made great strides since the renewed independence, and is well positioned to be a member of the European Union (EU) in the near future.

According to her, Montenegro strengthened democratic institutions, created a more stable environment for foreign investment and at the regional level continued to be the "port of peace and stability".

As she said, Montenegro has done an excellent job with NATO and other peacekeeping organizations, but there is still much to do.

Bulgarian Ambassador Mladen Chervenyakov said that there is a lot of challenges ahead of the country, which is chaired by the Council of the EU.

Ambassador of Norway, Arne Sannes Bjornstad, said that compromise and dialogue are the most important in decision making.

He told young leaders that only by compromise they can achieve results.

Director of SDR, Boris Raonic, said that the school's goal was to contribute to progress in negotiating chapters 23 and 24.

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Nothing indicated violence http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/193675/nothing-indicated-violence-.html None of the reports or results of radiological search of deceased fifteen-month-old child, who died from injuries sustained by abuse, did not indicate any signs of physical violence when a child was admitted to the Clinical Center of Montenegro (KCCG) on January 6th, reports the Medical Doctors Union in Montenegro. ]]> According to the Union’s statement, the child was not hospitalized for injury, but had been sent for further examinations because the doctor suspected a systemic illness as boy’s lymph nodes were enlarged.

The Union reports that the boy was brought to the KCCG on February 6th, 2018 with hematoma at the forehead, which corresponded to the information given by the stepfather and his neighbor, the cop.

"Hematoma under the eye in children often arise as a consequence of lowering hematoma from the forehead by gravitational action, rather than as an injury caused by a separate, direct action of the force in the eye area. There were no other injuries to the boy, visible traces of old injuries, signs of neglect or malnutrition, " says the statement.

They also say that doctors at the KCCG monthly receive 100 children with similar head traumas, which are the most frequent consequence of a fall or an accident.

"During physical examination of abused children, frequently are seen marks of fingers or objects with which the injuries were inflicted, and which did not exist in this case. Also, none of the medical reports or results of radiological searches have indicated any signs of physical abuse, " the statement said.

The Medical Doctors Union also said that the boy was calm, sitting in the lap of his stepfather, which is another fact that did not indicate to the ordinating physician that the child had been subjected to violence.

"Namely, a child suffering from violence is often disturbed by a person who practices violence. Older child can verbalize it, while younger shows through cry, " says the statement.

Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/193675/nothing-indicated-violence-.html
The Court does not decide on the decisions of the Assembly http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/193390/the-court-does-not-decide-on-the-decisions-of-the-assembly.html The Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) spokesman Marta Scepanovic said that the Basic Court in Podgorica could not decide on the decisions of the Montenegrin Assembly. ]]> Responding to the decision of the Basic Court in Podorica, ordering Goran Djurovic to return to the post of a member of the RTCG Council within eight days, she said that the court had over night become competent ‘’to annul the decisions of the Montenegrin Assembly and to impose a provisional measure with ordering the Assembly what to do next".

"According to this logic, the Assembly of Montenegro is equalled with the proceedings in the cases of dismissal of bodies in the public companies and other legal entities, and its status equalled with public companies, while the dismissal of an RTCG Council member is treated as a labor dispute.

Considering the fact that Montenegrin Assembly is the highest legislative body in the country, behind whose decisions lies the majority of the votes of the Deputies which was laid down by the Constitution, and we have the legality of those decisions brought by the body entrusted with the exercise of the legislative authority examined over the night by the Basic Court, and the Basic Court considers itself competent to decide on the decisions of the Assembly of Montenegro, in the forthcoming period we can expect the lawsuits to annul the decision of the Assembly on the appointment and dismissal of the President and members of the Government, the Judges of the Constitutional Court, the Supreme State Prosecutor, the Governor of the Central Bank and the imposition of provisional measures in regard to such lawsuits, so we would also not be surprised by imposition of the provisional measure in case of decision on participation of Army of Montenegro units in international forces, which is also decided by the Assembly," said Scepanovic.

She estimated that "for the first time in the Montenegrin judiciary, the Basic Court,as a regular one, decides on the decisions of the Montenegrin Assembly, finds itself competent to protect the individual interests decided upon by the Montenegrin Assembly, asks the Montenegrin Assembly as a collective body to return the proponent - member of the RTCG Council in front of the NGO - in the Council of the RTCG, and by its decision introduces a new way of publishing the Montenegrin Assembly's Decisions in the Official Gazette and the litigation before the Basic Court against the decisions of the Assembly, which, as she considers, was unknown to the Montenegrin Constitution and the laws of Montenegro."

Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/193390/the-court-does-not-decide-on-the-decisions-of-the-assembly.html
Demarcation with Montenegro mustn’t be overturned http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/193391/demarcation-with-montenegro-mustnt-be-overturned-.html One of the most important connoisseurs of Kosovo's circumstances, Member of Parliament representing Alternativa, Iljir Deda said he was optimistic that the agreement on the demarcation of the border with Montenegro would be ratified in the Assembly of Kosovo. ]]> Deda told the Pristina media that Deputy Prime Minister Fatmir Limaj informed him of the initiative to reach an agreement with Montenegro and that, if mistakes were found in the agreement, the demarcation could be re-negotiated.

"At the request of the Deputy Prime Minister Fatmir Limaj we officially met today. He informed me about his initiative for talks with Montenegro and I'm giving him room for that. He told me that Montenegro was ready to help Kosovo to adopt demarcation. If everything goes as I'm informed I believe everyone in the Assembly will vote for a demarcation agreement,"said Deda.

He stressed that demarcation must not be overturned in the Assembly.

"The idea is to adopt it with guarantees. There are many opportunities for the two governments to give guarantees, commitments, to decide or anything else, but only if the demarcation goes on," said Deda.

He stressed that if Kosovo wants to obtain visa liberalization for the EU this year, demarcation should be ratified in February, otherwise liberalization will not happen in the next year. 

Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/193391/demarcation-with-montenegro-mustnt-be-overturned-.html
Boy adequately cared for in January http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/193276/boy-adequately-cared-for-in-january.html The director of the Clinical Center of Montenegro (KCCG), Zorica Kovacevic, said that the boy, who died at the Institute for Children’s Diseases (IBD) on Monday morning after being beaten, received adequate health care when he was admitted for the first time on January 6th this year. ]]> At a press conference on the occasion of painting the halls of the Institute for Children’s Diseases, she said that the 15-month-old boy was admitted to the Children's Hospital on January 6th.

If a doctor made an omission, as Kovacevic says, the sanctions will be rigorous. He received, she said, adequate health care, and she pointed out that three doctors treated the boy for two days.

Kovacevic did not want to talk about the injuries of the boy, stating that all medical documentation was submitted to the Supreme State Prosecutor's Office (VDT).

"The child has received adequate health care. Three doctors had been taking care for him for two days - everything is now in the hands of VDT," Kovacevic told reporters.

She stressed that there is a procedure by which doctor reports violence against children, if he/she suspected it occurred.

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Two more cases of measles infection, no need to panic http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/193277/two-more-cases-of-measles-infection-no-need-to-panic-.html Epidemiologist at the Institute for Public Health (IJZ), Senad Begic, said that, beside there were two new cases of measles in Montenegro, there is no need to panic. At an extraordinary press conference, he said that such a situation was expected, given the situation in the region. ]]> The virus was identified in a married couple, that is two adults born in 1969 or 1973, one of whom has not been vaccinated and the other has no valid vaccination evidence.

Patients’ vital parameters were stable. They were exposed to the virus during a longer joint stay in Belgrade. Having in mind clinical features, and in order to prevent further spread of the virus, the couple was hospitalized.

"Their health parameters are stable. This situation is expected, given the situation in the region. So, when there is massive illness in the region, it is likely that some of their citizens will come here," Begic said.

Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/193277/two-more-cases-of-measles-infection-no-need-to-panic-.html
Sisic and Jovovic to stay in custody up to 30 days http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/193166/sisic-and-jovovic-to-stay-in-custody-up-to-30-days.html Suspects for the murder of a 15-month-old boy, Nermin Sisic (28) and the boy’s mother Jelena Jovovic, have been remanded in up to 30 days custody. ]]> The detention of the suspects was determined after a hearing with the investigative judge of the Podgorica High Court.

A boy aged 15 months, who was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the Children of the Hospital in Podgorica on Sunday night, died on Monday morning after being beaten.

The police arrested Nermin Sisic (27) from Tuzla, resident in Podgorica, on suspicion of committing the crime of severe murder and the mother Jelena Jovovic (33) on suspicion of committing the criminal offense of violating family obligations.

Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/193166/sisic-and-jovovic-to-stay-in-custody-up-to-30-days.html
"I will not run for president" http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/193164/i-will-not-run-for-president.html Leader of the Democratic Montenegro, Aleksa Becic, said that he will not run for president at the elections scheduled for April 15th. ]]> He told his opposition counterparts that the joint candidate they agree upon has a blanco support from Democratic Montenegro, adding that he was ready to do everything to change the regime.
"Despite the degree of confidence I enjoy and the Democrat's rating that is growing rapidly from the electoral process to the electoral process, Aleksa Becic will not be a candidate for the president of Montenegro," the Democrat’s leader said.

He made such a decision, as he announced, in order to unify the opposition around a single candidate.

"I am unconditionally offering to you, for the sake of the overall opposition unity, to agree on a common non-party candidate of the parliamentary opposition, and I personally and on the behalf of the party guarantee that we will support the one you agree on and stand behind him by the strength of the most powerful party infrastructure in the country," Becic said.

He, however, pointed out that the opposition should not expect him to elect a candidate.

"It didn’t even cross my mind to do that," Becic said.

The Democratic leader recalls that his party is the only political subject "that has consistently advocated that the opposition in 2018 applies the principle from 2013".

He reiterated that, taking into account the views of opposition colleagues, last week he said "that if they don’t support me, I will support them".

Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/193164/i-will-not-run-for-president.html
Postponement of Markovic’s visit to Kosovo http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/193045/postponement-of-markovics-visit-to-kosovo-.html Visit of Montenegrin Prime Minister Dusko Markovic to Kosovo which was scheduled for today is postponed for next week, confirmed the Cabinet of the Prime Minister of Montenegro for the RTCG Portal. ]]> “The visit of the Prime Minister of Montenegro Dusko Markovic to the Republic of Kosovo, which was scheduled for today, will be postponed for the next week. The reason for the postponement of the visit is the fact that Pristina airport was closed due to fog during the morning. The term of the visit will be harmonized and timely communicated to the media.”

 Markovic's plane could not land on the "Adem Jashari" International Airport at 8am, as it was scheduled.

At the airport in Pristina, Markovic was awaited by the Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo, Bedzet Pacolli, the Ambassador of Montenegro to Kosovo, Ferhat Dinosha, and the Ambassador of Kosovo to Montenegro, Skender Durmishi.

The first visit of the Montenegrin Prime Minister to Kosovo, as the Government previously announced, should have been an opportunity "to further deepen cooperation in the bilateral relations of two friendly countries, by defining concrete joint activities and projects that could be realized in the coming period".

Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/193045/postponement-of-markovics-visit-to-kosovo-.html
In EU before 2025 if all conditions are met http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/193044/in-eu-before-2025-if-all-conditions-are-met-.html European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said today that Balkan countries aspiring to join the European Union (EU) will not be received until they resolve all border disputes with their neighbors. ]]> Juncker said that "these problems must be resolved before accession, otherwise there will be no accession", reports Beta agency.
According to him, Serbia and Montenegro could join EU in 2015 if they meet all membership conditions. 
Juncker says that Serbia and Montenegro, as countries which have made the most progress, have been given “another date which stirs things up”.
“We wish to see enlargement in the Western Balkans. It is not that I want them to enter without fulfilling the conditions, however,” he said.

This warning came after the speech addressed to the European Parliament by Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic on the future of the EU.

Croatia and Slovenia, both EU members, have a border dispute dating from the time of the collapse of former Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/193044/in-eu-before-2025-if-all-conditions-are-met-.html
Layout of mandates in Berane and Ulcinj http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/192934/layout-of-mandates-in-berane-and-ulcinj.html Local elections were held in Berane and Ulcinj. According to preliminary results, the DPS-SD-BS coalition in Berane won 17 seats, while the coalition "Healthy Berane" won 14 seats. Democratic Montenegro received four mandates. ]]> The leader of the DPS-SD-BS coalition in Berane Bogdan Fatic said that this alliance needed 75 to 80 votes for absolute power.

"Our list won the most votes and the DPS showed that it is the largest party in Berane. We had 7,850 votes, or 1,600 votes more than "Healthy Berane" coalition and 6,000 votes more than the Democrats," Fatic told reporters at the DPS headquarters.

He added that his coalition won 17 seats, ‘’Healthy Berane’’ 14, and the Democrats four mandates.

"Citizens of Berane made their choice. We did not get absolute power, we needed 75-80 votes more for that. But such is the layout of mandates, we lost it by a very small number of votes. Well, we’ll see if the other two lists will form the government in the next period," said Fatic.

The holder of the list of ‘’Healthy Berane’’ coalition Dragoslav Scekic said that the opposition showed in the local elections that it deserved the trust of citizens.

"The citizens of Berane have shown that they will lose honor regardless of the pressure of DPS. Whenever the DPS participates in the election process, irregularities are expected, but I hope that international factors will recognize everything that happened on this day and in the previous period and we will come to a decision on how to conduct the electoral process before the presidential election, "said Scekic.

The leader of the Democrats Aleksa Becic announced last night that, on the basis of 100% of the processed electorate, the DPS, BS and SD coalition won 45.7% or 17 seats, the coalition "Healthy Berane" 37.6% or 14 seats, and Democrats less than 11% or 4 seats.

"This is a big blow to the DPS and its president because you know how many resources he pulled in the past few months. Berane was not important to them because of the local elections. For them,  Berane was strategically interesting because of the upcoming processes, presidential elections, local elections in Podgorica and 11 municipalities," Becic pointed out.

The DPS announced last night that the party was the winner of the local elections in Berane and Ulcinj, with a convincingly highest number of votes in both municipalities.

"In Berane, our coalition "Berane wins" won 7.856 votes, 1.621 votes more than the "Healthy Berane" coalition, which won 6235 votes and 6034 votes more than the third-placed Democratic League, which won 1822 votes. In Ulcnj, DPS won 2918 votes and thus achieved the planned result, preserving nine seats in the local parliament," said the party.

According to preliminary results of CEMI, based on 100 percent of the votes counted, the most of the mandates went to DPS and Forca - nine mandates.

They are followed by a Democratic Alliance with seven mandates, followed by SD and DUA with three mandates and URA with two mandates. The Bosniak party, Democrats, SDP and SNP-DF did not win any mandate.

Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/192934/layout-of-mandates-in-berane-and-ulcinj.html
Unfounded insinuations of the CCE http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/192616/unfounded-insinuations-of-the-cce.html Minister of European Affairs Aleksandar Andrija Pejovic called the accusations of the Center for Civic Education that he is in conflict of interest, unfounded insinuations. ]]> The Center for Civic Education (CCE) submitted yesterday an initiative to Prime Minister Dusko Markovic for initiating the procedure for the dismissal of Aleksandar Andrija Pejovic because, as they stated, violations of the Constitution in the part of incompatibility of functions and request to the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (ASK) to initiate the procedure against Pejovic to determine the conflict interests and limitations in the exercise of public functions.

Pejovic said that the CCE regularly deals with his personality, and not that of the civil NGO.

"So much effort for unfounded insinuations, so much effort has gone for that purpose, not something that is a common goal, and that is EU integration, "Pejovic said.

"My income is duly reported to the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption. Let's wait for the interpretation of the Agency, "said Pejovic.

Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/192616/unfounded-insinuations-of-the-cce.html