RTCG - Radio Televizija Crne Gore - Nacionalni javni servis :: Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/rss.html me http://www.rtcg.me/img/logo.png RTCG - Radio Televizija Crne Gore - Nacionalni javni servis :: Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/rss.html Durdic Accting Director of TVCG http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/206895/durdic-accting-director-of-tvcg.html The longtime journalist and editor of Radio-Television of Montenegro, Slavko Durdic, was appointed acting director of the Television of Montenegro (TVCG). ]]> Before that, Acting General Director Bozidar Sindic dismissed Vladan Micunovic.

Sundic earlier started the procedure for dismissal of Micunovic, and as a reason he stated a contract with the Center for Civic Education, non adoption of the program and production plan for TVCG and incorrect assessment data.

Đurđić said that he was aware of the responsibilities, great obligations and expectations, which both domestic and international public have from RTCG.

"I take over TVCG in the moment  when the passion is high in the public, but I will work in good faith to justify the confidence of citizens and their expectation of being a true public service. Perhaps that sounds like a phrase, but I am sure that the team that is now running the RTCG, have the ability to professionally respond to all tasks, "Durdic said for the RTCG portal.

He added that the job would ease the fact that he has a decades-long journalistic and editorial experience in various positions in the Public service.

Slavko Djurdjic started his career in 1985 and was the editor of Radio, Television and RTCG Portal.

He graduated from the Faculty of Law.

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Zaev announces impeachment of Ivanov http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/206897/zaev-announces-impeachment-of-ivanov.html President Gjorge Ivanov calls on PM Zoran zaev to immediately initiate impeachment procedure, highlighting that his position in regard to the name agreement is final and remains unchanged. ]]> ,, I call on Zaev to immediately initiate impeachment procedure i.e.procedure for determinig the President of the Republic’s answerability by the same two-thirds majority vote necessary to amend the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia’’ Ivanov said in the written statement media regarding Prime Minister ‘s statement on Tuesday .

The president said that he doesn’t give up from his position about the name, despite the threats and pressure.

According to the Constitution, in order for the president of the country to be removed from office, two thirds of votes in parliament are needed.

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"We are ready for every refugee scenario" http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/206896/we-are-ready-for-every-refugee-scenario.html When it comes to the protection of refugees, Montenegro has done a lot and is the leader in the region for decades, Director of the Refugee Care Center Zeljko Šofranac said, stressing that our country is ready for any scenario. ]]> Sofranac said for Public service that the closure of borders in the region would lead to a greater number of refugees in Montenegro, but that the situation is under control.

"Closing the borders in the neighboring countries, makes the problem for us because they are coming in Montenegro. There is no more transit that  lasted for two or three days. Now they can stay longer. We must be ready for any scenario, "he explained.

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Becic and Abazovic tomorrow with Han http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/206810/becic-and-abazovic-tomorrow-with-han.html Leaders of the Democrats and the URA Aleksa Becic and Dritan Abazovic will stay in Brussels for the next two days, at the invitation of the EU Commissioner for Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement, Johannes Hahn, announced the Democratic Montenegro. ]]> Besides Becic and Abazovic, Boris Bogdanovic, Secretary General of the Democrats, and Milos Konatar, vice president of the URA, are also going to Brussels, and they will meet with Hahn tomorrow.

 "Hahn’s invitation came after the two leaders presented to the domestic and international public the Electoral Reform Plan, with its seriousness demonstrated not only by wider approval by relevant domestic and international addresses, but also by this visit of Becic and Abazovic to Brussels, within which they will present to the Commissioner Hahn the Electoral Reforms Plan and its elaboration, as well as all the circumstances that led to the need for such a resolution of the current political situation in Montenegro, " the statement said.

They remind that the Electoral Reforms Plan, which is offered to other opposition parties, as well as the NGO sector, envisages finding sustainable solutions related to the Judicial Council, the RTCG Council and a comprehensive electoral reform that implies the implementation of OSCE- a / ODIHR recommendations.

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Indictments against Ivanovic and Obradovic http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/206809/indictments-against-ivanovic-and-obradovic.html The Special State Prosecutor's Office issued an indictment against the former Telekom directors Oleg Obradovic and Miodrag Ivanovic, unofficially learned TVCG from the prosecutor’s office. ]]> Unofficially, the indictment was filed for abuse of business operations during privatization of Telecom.

Media earlier reported that Telekom's former senior officials, Oleg Obradovic and Miodrag Ivanovic, have been suspected of illegally obtaining 2.3 million Euros during privatization of the company.

Obradovic and Ivanovic previously denied accusations before special prosecutor Sasa Cadjenovic.

Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/206809/indictments-against-ivanovic-and-obradovic.html
"We will not be in the working group of the US Embassy" http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/206710/we-will-not-be-in-the-working-group-of-the-us-embassy.html The Democratic Front will not accept the platform for overcoming the crisis proposed by Democratic Montenegro and URA, DF official Milan Knezevic, said. ]]> He reminded that he spent three months in prison in the Parliament today. 

"After three months in prison, I came to the conclusion that I got out of one prison and moved to another one that is much worse,  in which we were all sentenced to five more years of Djukanovic's rule.  At the end of that time period, we will mark the anniversary of his 35 years in power. I have no dilemma that, all these years, we are in the prison. While some are fine with that,  DF will not agree to be humiliated  as some of the 21st century opposition MPs.  I guess that it is clear for everybody  that,  after the presidential and local elections,  DPS and part of the opposition have only one goal - to destroy DF as the only dam of the free Montenegro, "said Knezevic.

Knezevic believes that the platform to overcome the crisis has been written in US embassies.

"We did not give up one inch of our national program believes. President Dusko Markovic was the only one who accepted the Democrats and URA Platform.  DF will not be part of the Working Group of the US Embassy and Markovic. Prisons can’t break us."

Parliament Speaker Ivan Brajovic said that the most important thing is that DF is in the Parliament again.

"I hope that others will see that the boycott is unnecessary and that the rest of the opposition will return to the Parliament, because, if we want to solve the problems,  we need to talk about them," Brajovic said.

Minister of Justice, Zoran Pažin, also greeted the return of a part of the opposition to the Parliamentary bench.

Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/206710/we-will-not-be-in-the-working-group-of-the-us-embassy.html
The committee proposed the dismissal of Calovic Markovic http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/206709/the-committee-proposed-the-dismissal-of-calovic-markovic.html The Anti-Corruption Committee unanimously proposed to the Parliament of Montenegro to dismiss Vanja Calovic Markovic from a member of the Council of the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (ASK). ]]> ASK on May 29 issued a decision establishing that Calovic Markovic violated the Anti-Corruption Law, which was notified to the Anti-Corruption Committee, which is in charge of the election and appointment of members of the ASK Council.

The ASK stated that Calovic Markovic, while performing the function of a member of the Council of the Agency, as the executive director of MANS, concluded a contract on December 4, 2015, on the basis of which that non-governmental organization received the income of 149,000 euros, with the obligation to file the reports to the ASK regarding the parliamentary elections in 2016. was envisaged.

Calovic Markovic stated at the session of the Committee that the conditions for considering the initiative for dismissal are not met, saying that the Law on Prevention of Corruption prescribes that Council members can be dismissed only if this procedure is initiated by three members of the Council, which is not the case in this procedure.

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Supported the Bill on President http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/206363/supported-the-bill-on-president.html The Parliamentary Committee on Political System, Judiciary and Administration unanimously endorsed the Bill on Rights of the President of Montenegro, which stipulates that upon the termination of the office, he/she has the right to honorary title, a remuneration and official car with the driver. ]]> The Minister of Public Administration, Suzana Pribilovic, said that Constitutional provision that the President represents Montenegro, commands the Army, promulgates laws, announces parliamentary elections and carries out other tasks, points to the importance and reputation of the President of the state.

"By establishing full international subjectivity, restoring identity values May 21, 2006, international and domestic reputation, especially respecting and evaluating the institution of the president, points to the need for normative regulation of the issues related to providing conditions for performing the function of the president and his rights after the termination of the office" , said Pribilovic.

She said that for the first time the law regulates the function of the president.

Regarding the retroactive effect of the Proposal of the Law, Pribilovic said that the right to the honorary title of the former president derives from the status of the President of Montenegro, having regard to constitutional jurisdiction and the manner and procedure of his election.

She added that the proposed right to a remuneration of 70 percent of the earnings in the last month before the termination of office indicates the existence of public interest to preserve the integrity of the president and to show respect and state relations towards the institutions.

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Watch Mundial on TVCG in HD resolution http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/206362/watch-mundial-on-tvcg-in-hd-resolution.html TVCG viewers will have opportunity to watch all the content and broadcasts of the Mundial matches in HD resolution on a special, test channel via cable operators, starting Wednesday, June 20. The HD signal will be provided to viewers who are not cable television users too. ]]> As announced by the Sports Programs Editor, Djordje Kustudic, this possibility has been provided thanks to the great effort of the technical sector and the management of the Public Service.

"The crucial fact is that this is something that has been expected from us for last 15 years, and with great efforts of technics and management we were able to ensure that from Wednesday, June 20, on the test channel, not the First or Second, but the special Third Channel, viewers can watch complete program of the World Championships in HD resolution,. All the broadcasts and matches on that program, starting June 20th, will be broadcasted in HD resolution. We finally managed to clarify vision a bit, as our viewers say, "said Kustudic.

Today starts the 21st World Championship in Russia, and all matches, besides on TVCG channels, will also be broadcasted on the RTCG Portal.

The first match kicks off at 17h at Luznjiki Stadium in Moscow, played by the host, Russia and Saudi Arabia, while half an hour earlier the opening ceremony will start.

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Montenegro ready for the season of wildfires http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/206266/montenegro-ready-for-the-season-of-wildfires.html Preparations for the wildfire season have already begun and competent authorities are ready to deal with possible fires, said Director of the Emergency Situations Directorate, Mirsad Mulic. ]]> Visiting Jutarnji program RTCG, Mulic announced that the third plane for transport of rescuers would be gotten by the end of next week.

"Almost all local governments have increased budgets for protection and rescue services. This year we will have some seven, eight vehicles more than last year, that is, between 180 and 190 vehicles," Mulic said.

He added that there would be about 600 firefighters ready, and the state got two voluntary firefighting organizations in Herceg Novi.

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2017 growth will be reached, and possibly surpassed http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/206265/2017-growth-will-be-reached-and-possibly-surpassed.html Prime Minister Dusko Markovic said earlier today while launching a new bottling line at the company "13. Jul - Plantaze," worth EUR 3 million, that the Government is firmly committed to establishing a more competitive labour market and intensifying economic activity, and that it will be focusing in particular on areas in which Montenegro has comparative advantages, namely tourism, energy, and food and beverage production. ]]> "Such investments in production and the real economy should ensure the dynamic and sustainable growth of our economy, which has seen one of the highest growth rates in Europe. The dynamic development of almost all sectors of the economy resulted in creating new jobs and a higher standard of living for our citizens. The economic indicators for the first quarter show that the last year's economic growth rate will be reached and possibly surpassed this year," Prime Minister Dusko Markovic stressed at the ceremony marking the 55th anniversary of the company "13 Jul - Plantaze."

The Prime Minister said that the company "13. Jul - Plantaze" has advanced production capacities, increased production and conquered new markets.

"This way, the company and the brand that it has built, also strengthens Montenegro. The wines of standardised quality, produced in our fields and basements are present in more than 40 countries," he noted.

Prime Minister Dusko Markovic said that the company "13. Jul - Plantaze" today has the largest single vineyard in Europe with 11 million grapevine vines.

"That is why the message from this company is clear - without investing in knowledge and new technologies, we can not be competitive and expect a better market position’’, Markovic concluded.

Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/206265/2017-growth-will-be-reached-and-possibly-surpassed.html
For five months, 15,351 jobs http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/206160/for-five-months-15351-jobs.html In Montenegro, in the last half of the year, there have been positive trends in the labor market, reflected in the reduction of the number of unemployed. Due to seasonal employment, the same trend is expected in the forthcoming period, reported the Employment Agency (ZZZCG). ]]> ZZZCG: Employers posted 15,351 vacancies.

According to data from June 11, there are 43,485 unemployed in the ZZZCG’s Register, which is 3,655 persons or 7.75 percent less compared to the same period last year (47,140 registered).
"The registered unemployment rate is 18.74 percent, while last year it was 20.32 percent"; reported from the ZZZCG. They explain that the unemployment decline is caused by several reasons, primarily because of the change of the regulations that conditioned exercise of certain rights with registration at the Employment Bureau.

"Since May last year, Montenegrin citizens can get health care directly through the Health Insurance Fund, and not exclusively through the Employment Bureau, which resulted in the decrease in the number of newly-registered", the ZZZCG said.

The Agency has stopped keeping the record of 3,000 people involved in the Vocational Training Program with acquired higher education because they are not active job seekers, but have been engaged with a specific employer.

Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/206160/for-five-months-15351-jobs.html
They respect and value Vujanovic's work http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/206159/they-respect-and-value-vujanovics-work.html The support of former Montenegrin President Filip Vujanovic to the United Nations Office in Montenegro and the contribution to peacekeeping missions are respected and truly valued, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said. ]]> In his letter, he thanked Vujanovic for the cooperation between Montenegro and that organization during his term of office.

Guterres said that Vujanović's support to the UN Office in Montenegro, as well as the contribution to peacekeeping missions in Cyprus, Liberia and Western Sahara, is highly respected and truly valued.

He emphasized Vujanovic's participation in the campaign "It’s About ability", which, he said, changed the perception of children with disabilities in Montenegro and led to a significantly greater involvement of these children in regular education.

"It was a privilege to work with you and I hope our roads will cross again," the letter says.

Albanian President Ilir Meta said he was pleased with the excellent and friendly cooperation he had with Vujanovic, both on his personal agenda and in terms of advocating and deepening friendly and good neighborly relations between the two countries and the people.
Hungarian President Janos Ader assessed that Vujanovic has significantly contributed to the improvement of the cooperation of the two countries in the past decade and that during his mandate, processes were taking place, which were of crucial importance for Montenegro and the wider region.

"As President, from the very beginning you played a prominent role in achieving Montenegro's independence, in ensuring the conditions of independent development, that is, in strengthening the international authority of the state," the letter states.

Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/206159/they-respect-and-value-vujanovics-work.html
Support for reforms and upcoming membership http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/206068/support-for-reforms-and-upcoming-membership.html In the coming period, Montenegro will focus on rounding up the reforms in all chapters, with a special focus on the rule of law and with the full support of the EU, it has been said at the meeting of Montenegro's main negotiator with the European Union, Aleksandar Drljevic, and the head of the EU Delegation in Podgorica, Aivo Orav. ]]> Chief Negotiator Drljevic and Ambassador Orav, together with their associates, held today the first meeting after the establishment of the European Integration Office.

As announced from the Government, they discussed the upcoming activities in terms of meeting the obligations from the negotiation process, as well as the financing of projects from IPA funds since the implementation of the projects is of the great importance in achieving European standards.

An even more intensive and regular communication between the EU Delegation and the Office for European Integration has been agreed. The main negotiator emphasized they would work to improve cooperation with all other parties, especially representatives of the non-governmental sector and the media.

"In the coming period our focus remains on the chapters 23 and 24, but also on the implementation of activities in other areas in order to open other chapters and slowly start closing negotiation chapters during the Austrian presidency," chief negotiator Drljevic said.

Orav congratulated Drljevic for taking over position of the chief negotiator, saying he was looking forward to continuing cooperation with a capable, strong and experienced team.

"The EU has provided a framework for Montenegro and all the countries of the Western Balkans. It is now up to you to do your homework, and we are waiting for you to become a member of the EU as soon as possible. We discussed priorities, it is clear that for Montenegro, priorities are Chapters 23 and 24. We also discussed financial support considering the fact that the EU gives about 35 million euros annually to Montenegro, "Orav said.

Representatives of the EU Delegation encouraged Montenegro to continue reforms on its path to the EU, assessing that so far the progress has been recognized and should be continued with same dynamics.

Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/206068/support-for-reforms-and-upcoming-membership.html
Organized crime is a global threat http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/206069/organized-crime-is-a-global-threat.html Severe forms of crime are a global threat and the fight against them requires the unity of the competent authorities at national and international levels, said Supreme State Prosecutor Ivica Stankovic. ]]> At the meeting "Eurojust and Cooperation with Third Countries - Experiences and Challenges in Western Balkan Countries" in Podgorica on the occasion of the entry into force of the Agreement on Co-operation between Montenegro and EUROJUST.

Stankovic pointed out that crime does not know the borders, and those who have been fighting the crime insist on it.

"That is why I, as one of the priorities, set the task of strengthening international cooperation, in which participation in Eurojust's work was one of the key mechanisms," stressed Stankovic.

According to him, severe forms of crime, and especially organized crime, represent a global threat, so work on fighting them is a common task of all.

"This struggle requires the unity and the efforts of all competent authorities at national and international levels," Stankovic said.

He pointed out that during his mandate the Montenegrin liaison prosecutor was named, which made Montenegro part of the European structures.

Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/206069/organized-crime-is-a-global-threat.html
Ten Russian nationals rescued near Utjeha http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/205831/ten-russian-nationals-rescued-near-utjeha-.html The Maritime Safety Department carried out an action to rescue ten citizens of Russia at sea between Bar and Utjeha, confirmed for TVCG Director of Maritime Safety Safet Kocan. ]]> "Around 9 o'clock we got the information that ten young Russians on surf boards, due to high sea and strong wind, were taken away at least a kilometer from the shore, and they could not return to the beach," Kocan said.

The Maritime Safety Department got the information from citizens.

Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/205831/ten-russian-nationals-rescued-near-utjeha-.html
USA disappointed by dismissal of Kadija http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/205832/usa-disappointed-by-dismissal-of-kadija.html The United States is disappointed by the dismissal of Adrijana Kadija, the director general of Montenegro’s public broadcaster, RTCG. ]]> ‘’This decision by the public broadcaster’s governing council undermines media freedom in Montenegro, the reform and preservation of which is central to Montenegro’s integration into the Euro-Atlantic community. Montenegro must do more to safeguard media freedom and the editorial independence of its public broadcaster, ‘’it is said in the announcement of Department Spokesperson, Heather Nauert.

Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/205832/usa-disappointed-by-dismissal-of-kadija.html
Alarming situation in Clinical Center http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/205730/alarming-situation-in-clinical-center-.html Eight heads of departments have left the Clinical Center of Montenegro (KCCG), which represents final public call to the authorities to take responsibility, the Civic Movement URA said. ]]> “According to the information of the Union of Montenegrin Physicians published yesterday, after Velibor Majic, Head of the Operational Bloc, Mira Samardzic, Head of the Department of Endocrinology, Natasa Miketic Bajic, Head of the Department of Rheumatology, Vanja Karadjinovic, Head of Department of Radiotherapy, Marija Zekic, head of the General Medical Service of the DZ BD and Marijana Bogavac, the chief technician of GAK, two more doctors left the institution. Sladjana Radulovic, head of the Department of Pulmonology of the IBD and Snezana Pavicevic, head of the Department of Nephrology of the IBD, resigned, " stated the URA.
The party representatives consider that someone must bear responsibility for the worrying state of affairs in the KCCG.
"This is already an alarming situation and we invite the Minister of Health and the director of the Clinical Center who hold the most responsibility for what is happening at the Clinical Center Podgorica to bear responsibility," the URA said.


Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/205730/alarming-situation-in-clinical-center-.html
RTCG Council dismissed Kadija http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/205729/rtcg-council-dismissed-kadija-.html The members of the RTCG Council dismissed Director General Andrijana Kadija. ]]> Kadija's dismissal, through secret ballot, was approved by six Council members, while two were against it.
After the vote, the Council went for a 20 minutes break.

The initiative for the dismissal of Kadija was submitted by a member of the Council, Mimo Draskovic, who said that the contract between the RTCG and the Center for Civic Education (CGO) was contrary to the international provisions on the independence of public service and the Law on RTCG.
Draskovic assessed that Kadija should have to apologize to the Council members for, as he pointed out, her behavior from the previous session.

"Since I submitted the initiative, we have witnessed the pressures of particular media and NGOs, and there is today's protest organized by the former member of the Council in front of RTCG," Draskovic said.
He added that the RTCG's legal service was not familiar with the content of the CGO contract.

"It is unacceptable that the CGO affects the editing of the RTCG, the exclusive right conferred to the CGO to select guest on shows and to introduce external mentors, is unacceptable, primarily because of the role of the RTCG and the international recommendations, which opened up the space for unauthorized influence, questioned the neutrality and objectivity of the RTCG, " Draskovic stated.
Kadija said she was aware that she could not refrain from any prior decisions.

"I'm neither a thief nor a deceiver. You are dismissing me in an unlawful way. That's good because we could hardly cooperate." "I would not wish to anyone to pass through what I had to pass," she said.

Kadija said that the contract with CGO did not bring any damage, but only good for RTCG.

"All the shows and reports have been done professionally, since the contract with the CGO did not cost the RTCG anything, which is why I did not even presented it to the Council, because I have to do it only if the RTCG pays something over 100,000 Euros", said Kadija.
She added that she was guilty of being apolitical.


Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/205729/rtcg-council-dismissed-kadija-.html
The head of Intervention unit is not responsible for beating http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/205647/the-head-of-intervention-unit-is-not-responsible-for-beating-.html Internal control of the Police Directorate did not determine the responsibility of the dismissed head of the Intervention Unit Milan Radusinovic in the case when in February three young men were beaten by the memebers of his Unit in the center of Podgorica. ]]> Accordingly, the management of the Police Directorate decided to appoint him as Assistant Commander of the Department for Public Order and Peace, Acting Director of the Police Directorate Vesko Damjanovic told the Public Service.


Following the act of members of the Intervention Unit on February 17 this year, the then director of the Police Directorate Slavko Stojanovic ordered the former chief of the Security Center Podgorica to dismiss the head of the Intervention Unit of the Podgorica Security Center Milan Radusinovic, which was done.


Proceedings are underway against members of the Intervention Unit Mladen Vujovic, Slavko Furtula, Vukoman Maras, Marko Stojanovic and Milos Becanovic on suspicion that three young men were beaten on February 17 in Njegoseva Street.

Montenegro http://www.rtcg.me/english/montenegro/205647/the-head-of-intervention-unit-is-not-responsible-for-beating-.html