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DIGITAL DICTATORSHIP? 21. 09. 2018.   >>  17:38 0


China introduces terrifying surveillance over people

Chinese authorities introduce something called "social credit", a sort of scoring system of each individual in society that will significantly influence the chances of these individuals in life, which implies constant citizen control.

Anyone who read novels describing 24-hour surveillance over the entire population will receive news coming from China with discomfort.

That China is a country with a lower degree of personal freedoms than most Western countries is no secret. But plans of the ruling Communist Party in China sound like they were copied from some of the well-known novels of George Orwell or Aldous Huxsley.

Namely, ruling party in China introduces something called a "social credit", a sort of scoring system of every individual in society that will significantly shape the chances of these individuals in life.

Within a few years the Chinese Communist Party says "they will allow one to walk freely everywhere, while others will be discouraged from making a single step."

As Australian ABC reports, "social credit" is something like a personal ID card with points that will be given to all 1.4 billion people in China.

What is social credit for? It will have a twofold function - citizens with high social credit will have VIP treatment in hotels and airports, cheap loans, fast enrollment to the best universities, as well as access to the best jobs.

Of course, there is another side of that story. Namely, those with low social credit can get ban on travel, ban on employment in state and public companies, but also ban on raising loans.

This orwellian program will be implemented thanks to high-tech surveillance systems which will be controlled by the artificial intelligence that China has been developing intensively for years.

Surveillance cameras will be equipped with face recognition and body scanning software as well as geo tracking to ensure that every citizen of China is under constant surveillance.

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