RTCG - Radio Televizija Crne Gore - Nacionalni javni servis :: World http://www.rtcg.me/english/world/rss.html me http://www.rtcg.me/img/logo.png RTCG - Radio Televizija Crne Gore - Nacionalni javni servis :: World http://www.rtcg.me/english/world/rss.html Russian Embassy blames Israel http://www.rtcg.me/english/world/215263/russian-embassy-blames-israel-.html The Russian Embassy in Tel Aviv today accused Israel of downing the Russian plane during Israeli strike on Syrian armaments near Latakia this Sunday. ]]>  “Moscow views as irresponsible and unfriendly actions of Israeli Air Force, which exposed Russian Il-20 aircraft to danger and led to death of 15 servicemen,” the Russian embassy in Tel Aviv said on Twitter in English, adding that Russia would “take all necessary measures to eliminate threat to life and security of our military fighting against terrorism”.

Israeli media reported that Russian military initially accused Israel of deflecting aircraft, claiming it was used as a shield by Israeli combat aircraft.

However, Russia's president Vladimir Putin later said that this was the result of a "chain of tragic random circumstances".

The Israeli army said combat troops aimed the Hezbollah-based weapons facility and claims to have warned Russia of the strike in accordance with the agreements on avoiding unintended conflicts.


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North Korea has agreed to shut down the nuclear facility http://www.rtcg.me/english/world/215140/north-korea-has-agreed-to-shut-down-the-nuclear-facility.html North Korea will shut down key missile test facilities in the presence of “international experts” and is willing to close its only known nuclear complex if the United States makes reciprocal measures, South Korean president Moon Jae-in has announced in a joint press conference with Kim Jong-un. ]]> The two leaders also agreed during a three-day summit in Pyongyang to connect two rail lines, on the east and west side of the peninsula, across one of the most militarised borders in the world. Kim also said he would visit Seoul in the “near future”, a move that would make him the first North Korean leader to visit the South’s capital.

North and South Korea agreed that the Korean Peninsula should turn into a “land of peace without nuclear weapons and nuclear threats”, Moon said. Any transport links would require the approval of the US-led United Nations Command, which oversees the border region.

“There is not only going to be a smooth road ahead, there will be challenges and trials, but the more we overcome them the stronger we will become,” Kim said. “We are not afraid of future challenges.”

The agreement signed in Pyongyang “will open a higher level for the improvement in relations” between the two Koreas, Kim added, describing it as a “leap forward” toward peace.

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US will allow only 30.000 migrants to come http://www.rtcg.me/english/world/215021/us-will-allow-only-30000-migrants-to-come-.html The Trump administration will limit refugee admissions to 30,000 in 2019, said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. ]]> Until now the limit was 45,000, the lowest since 1980, reports the Reuters agency. 
"We proposed resettling up to 30,000 refugees under the new refugee ceiling as well as processing more than 280,000 asylum seekers. These figures come from the fact that the US is the most generous nation in the world when it comes to protection-based immigration." said Pompeo.

Agency says that the United States is on track to admit only 22,000 refugees this year, about half the maximum allowed.

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Slovak EU commissioner enters race to become EC president http://www.rtcg.me/english/world/214897/slovak-eu-commissioner-enters-race-to-become-ec-president.html Maros Sefcovic, Slovakia’s European Commissioner and vice president of the Energy Union, has indicated an interest in succeeding Jean-Claude Juncker as the EU executive’s president. He confirmed that he would seek the nomination of the European social democrats for the post. ]]> “I will do everything to get the support of the social democratic parties across the EU,” said Sefcovic, as cited by the TASR newswire. “I will do my best to use this process to put the spotlight on stronger industrial policy, a more assertive position for the EU in international trade and on an understanding between old and new member states.”

The European Parliament wants the large European political families to go into the elections scheduled for next May with clear election leaders on their slates. The leader of the winning political party in the elections to the European Parliament will afterwards become the new European Commission President.

The European People’s Party (EPP) launched the process of choosing nominations in April. It wants to introduce its candidate in November.

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EU wants to deprive Hungary of its right to protect its own borders http://www.rtcg.me/english/world/214640/eu-wants-to-deprive-hungary-of-its-right-to-protect-its-own-borders.html Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban says the European Union is trying to deprive Hungary of its right to protect its own borders. ]]> "They want to send out paid soldiers from Brussels who will be letting migrants (through to Hungary)," Orban told the state-run Kossuth Radio, MTI is reporting on Friday.

Regarding the report by the European Parliament by Dutch MEP Judith Sargentini, adopted by the European Parliament on Wednesday, Orban said that the disciplinary process initiated by the report did not represent "any danger" for Hungary.

According to Orban, the report was motivated by the "ultimatum" to Europe given by German Chancellor Angela Merkel during a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron, according to which countries located on the periphery of the EU should give up some of the authority to control their border, and surrender them to Brussels.

"The plan is that, if they cannot force Hungary to receive migrants, they will deprive the country of the right to control its own borders. They want to brand Hungary and want to weaken the resistance of Hungary," Orban said.

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Suspected Russians claim they visited Britain as tourists http://www.rtcg.me/english/world/214510/suspected-russians-claim-they-visited-britain-as-tourists-.html The two suspects in the poisoning of ex-Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter told in an exclusive interview that they went to Salisbury to do some sightseeing after a friend urged them to visit the city. ]]> Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov told RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan that they were in Salisbury as tourists, reports the Frans press. 
The UK government has blamed Russia for the Skripals poisoning, with Prime Minister Theresa May claiming that Petrov and Boshirov are members of the GRU, Russia’s military intelligence service.

The interview was published after Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday said that the two were civilians, not criminals.

Speaking at the economic forum, Putin invited two men to present themselves in media and tell their story. 

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Kim says he wants new summit with Trump http://www.rtcg.me/english/world/214269/kim-says-he-wants-new-summit-with-trump-.html Kim Jong Un has requested a second summit with American president Donald Trump, after sending him a "warm, positive" letter.The North Korean leader wrote to Trump after their historic summit in Singapore earlier this year to seek a follow up, which is being arranged. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said: "It was a very warm, very positive letter. "The primary purpose of the letter was to schedule another meeting with the president, which we are open to and are already in the process of co-coordinating." She said the letter showed "further evidence of progress" as well as a commitment to denuclearization. She said a military parade in Pyongyang on Sunday was "a sign of good faith" because it did not feature any long-range nuclear missiles. The two leaders have been discussing North Korea's nuclear program since their unprecedented June 12 summit which has been criticized for being short on concrete details about how and whether Kim is willing to give up on a nuclear weapons program that threatens the United States. White House National Security Adviser John Bolton said that the meeting could be held by the end of the year. "President Tramp opened the door to Kim Jong Un and his regime. We are still waiting for him," said John Bolton, pointing out that concrete progress continues in the direction of denuclearization. ]]> The North Korean leader wrote to Trump after their historic summit in Singapore earlier this year to seek a follow up, which is being arranged.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said: "It was a very warm, very positive letter.

"The primary purpose of the letter was to schedule another meeting with the president, which we are open to and are already in the process of co-coordinating."

She said the letter showed "further evidence of progress" as well as a commitment to denuclearization.

 She said a military parade in Pyongyang on Sunday was "a sign of good faith" because it did not feature any long-range nuclear missiles.

The two leaders have been discussing North Korea's nuclear program since their unprecedented June 12 summit which has been criticized for being short on concrete details about how and whether Kim is willing to give up on a nuclear weapons program that threatens the United States.

 White House National Security Adviser John Bolton said that the meeting could be held by the end of the year.

"President Tramp opened the door to Kim Jong Un and his regime. We are still waiting for him," said John Bolton, pointing out that concrete progress continues in the direction of denuclearization.

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Russia begins the largest military exercises in history http://www.rtcg.me/english/world/214179/russia-begins-the-largest-military-exercises-in-history.html Hundreds of Russian and Chinese tanks, attack helicopters, fighter jets and thousands of soldiers will this week fight side by side in the biggest war games in Russia since 1981, in a show of strength and friendship between Asia’s two largest military powers. ]]> Russia’s biggest military exercise since the cold war, and its first to be conducted with a country not from the former Soviet bloc, is the strongest sign yet of the deepening strategic bond between Moscow and Beijing that has been prompted by Russia’s souring western relations and may herald a redrawing of the region’s geopolitics.

Involving 300,000 troops and close to 40,000 vehicles, the seven-day ‘Vostok’ war games will coincide with talks between Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping in Vladivostok on Tuesday, amid a concerted effort by Russia to pivot east and embrace its powerful neighbour.

The talks and the war games come at an uneasy time for the region, with uncertainty over the continued defence role of the US military, the fate of North Korea’s nuclear programme and Pyongyang’s enthusiasm for a settlement brokered by Donald Trump, the US president.

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Today the summit of Iran, Russia and Turkey on Syria http://www.rtcg.me/english/world/213920/today-the-summit-of-iran-russia-and-turkey-on-syria-.html The presidents of Iran, Russia and Turkey met in a high stakes summit in Tehran on Friday to discuss the future of Syria, while the main topic will be the future of Idlib province amid fears of a humanitarian disaster in Syria's last major rebel bastion. ]]> The summit of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Russia's Vladimir Putin and Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan could offer an answer to the question of whether diplomacy will stop a potential military action, the Associated Press reported.

Around 3 million people live in the province of Idlib in the northwest of Syria and the surrounding areas, and almost half of them are civilians displaced from other parts of the country.

Among them, according to estimates, there are about 10,000 fighters, including the Al-Qaeda extremists.

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"Putin responsible for poisoning a former Russian spy" http://www.rtcg.me/english/world/213800/putin-responsible-for-poisoning-a-former-russian-spy.html Britain said on Thursday that Russian President Vladimir Putin had "ultimate" responsibility for a nerve agent attack on a former Russian double agent in England, as it prepared to brief the UN Security Council. ]]> London has accused two members of Russian military intelligence of using Novichok to try to kill former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in the southwestern city of Salisbury.

Security Minister Ben Wallace said Putin bore ultimate responsibility for the poisoning.

"Ultimately he does in so far as he is the president of the Russian Federation and it is his government that controls, funds and directs the military intelligence, the GRU, via his ministry of defence."

He told BBC radio: "I don't think anyone can ever say that Mr Putin isn't in control of his state.... And the GRU is without doubt not rogue.

"It is led, linked to both the senior members of the Russian general staff and the defence minister, and through that into the Kremlin and the president's office."

Britain has previously pointed the finger at Moscow for the March 4 attack, sparking furious denials.

In the aftermath, Britain and its allies expelled dozens of Russian diplomats, prompting Russian to respond in kind. The United States also imposed fresh sanctions over the attack.

Moscow on Wednesday again denied involvement in the case, accusing Britain of "unfounded accusations".

"Instead of conducting an independent, objective and transparent investigation... London continues to engage in anti-Russian megaphone diplomacy, continuing its propaganda show," the foreign ministry said.

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Two Russians charged of poisoning Skripal http://www.rtcg.me/english/world/213695/two-russians-charged-of-poisoning-skripal-.html British prosecutors charged two Russians for the attempted murder of a former Russian spy and his daughter with a nerve agent. ]]> British prosecutors named the two suspects as Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov.

The Russians are charged with conspiracy to murder Sergei Skripal and the attempted murder of Skripal, his daughter and Nick Bailey, a police officer who was taken ill while attending to the Skripals. They are also charged with use and possession of Novichok, contrary to the Chemical Weapons Act.

A European arrest warrant has been issued for the two Russians, British prosecutors said, but Britain will not ask Moscow to extradite them because Russia’s constitution does not allow its citizens to be extradited.
Police said they arrived in Britain from Moscow on March 2 at London’s Gatwick airport on an Aeroflot flight and left on March 4.


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The strike of seamen in Greece ended http://www.rtcg.me/english/world/213589/the-strike-of-seamen-in-greece-ended-.html Greek seamen have ended a strike that had kept ferries and passengers stranded in ports around the country, after reaching a deal with employers on a wage increase. ]]> The strike, which started on Monday, was led by the PNO seamen’s federation and other unions including dockers and merchant marine engineers.

The PNO had initially planned to continue the strike to Wednesday but said it would end it after reaching an agreement with employers on a 2 percent pay rise this year, which is first increase for eight years.

PNO had initially been pressing for a 5-per cent pay hike.

The strike has already caused serious problems because in the first ten days of September, ships transport 150,000 passengers, 25,000 tons of goods and tens of thousands of cars a day, and carriers now think it will take several days at least to normalize maritime transport and supply.

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US: Myanmar verdict worrying http://www.rtcg.me/english/world/213492/us-myanmar-verdict-worrying.html The United States said that the conviction of two Reuters reporter in Myanmar for seven years in prison is "deeply troubling to all who support freedom of the press and the transition to democracy". ]]> Journalists Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo were found guilty of violating the collonial-era Law on Official Secrets while reporting on the brutal handling of the country’s Rohingya minority by the government forces.

"Clear flaws in this case cause serious concern over the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary in Myanmar, and the condemnation of journalists is a major setback in achieving the goal of the government of Myanmar to extend democratic freedoms," the US Embassy in Yangon said in a statement.

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Erdogan: Turkey needs Russia's S-400 missile defence system http://www.rtcg.me/english/world/213246/erdogan-turkey-needs-russias-s-400-missile-defence-system.html Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has reiterated his country's need for the highly advanced Russian S-400 missile system, a planned purchase the US opposes. ]]> Speaking at a graduation ceremony for military officers, the Turkish leader said Ankara would try to procure the missile system as soon as possible.

The S-400, touted by experts to be one of the most advanced systems in the world, can engage multiple aerial targets within a 400 kilometre range.

NATO circles view Turkey's intended purchase of the Russian-made equipment with suspicion, as it is believed to be incompatible with the systems used by the alliance.

Earlier this month, Russia said the S-400 missiles would be delivered to Turkey in 2019.

US military officials and politicians have expressed concerns over Turkey's intention to buy the Russian system, and the purchase comes amid a growing rift between Turkey and its NATO allies.

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President Trump attacked the legendary Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein http://www.rtcg.me/english/world/213140/president-trump-attacked-the-legendary-watergate-reporter-carl-bernstein.html President Donald Trump attacked the legendary Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein on Wednesday evening over a story he coauthored for CNN last month about the infamous 2016 Trump Tower meeting. ]]> The July 27 report cited unnamed sources as saying Trump's former longtime lawyer Michael Cohen had asserted that Trump knew about the meeting before it happened.

That June 2016 meeting included senior Trump campaign officials and a Russian lawyer who had offered dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Trump's camp has denied that Trump knew about the meeting beforehand. Cohen also did not mention whether Trump had prior knowledge of the 2016 meeting when he sat for interviews with US lawmakers as part of the Russia investigation.

Cohen's attorney and spokesman, Lanny Davis, said this week that he was one of CNN's sources for the July 27 story and that he was recanting the claim that Cohen would testify about whether Trump knew of the Trump Tower meeting in advance.

Trump sought to capitalize on the fallout by attacking Bernstein on Wednesday, calling him "sloppy" and a "degenerate fool."

Bernstein hit back at Trump, saying: "I have spent my life as a journalist bringing the truth to light, through administrations of both parties. No taunt will diminish my commitment to that mission, which is the essential role of a free press."

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Syrian rebels preparing chemical attack http://www.rtcg.me/english/world/213042/-syrian-rebels-preparing-chemical-attack.html Moscow's deputy foreign minister says al-Qaeda-linked group planning strike in Idlib province which will be used to justify Western attack against Damascus Russia on Tuesday again accused Syrian rebels of preparing a chemical attack which Moscow says will be used to justify a Western strike against Syrian troops. ]]> Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said Tuesday that the al-Qaeda-linked Levant Liberation Committee is preparing the attack in the northern Idlib province, and that it would be filmed by first-responders known as the White Helmets, whom Russia has accused of fabricating past attacks.

Western countries and independent analysts say Syrian government forces have conducted several chemical weapons attacks over the course of the seven-year civil war. Alleged chemical attacks in 2017 and earlier this year led the US to launch punitive strikes against Syrian forces.

Russia is a close ally of the Syrian government, which denies ever using chemical weapons. The Syrian government has been sending reinforcements toward Idlib for weeks ahead of an expected major offensive against the last major rebel stronghold in the country.

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An earthquake of 6.4 magnitude struck Indonesia today http://www.rtcg.me/english/world/212945/an-earthquake-of-64-magnitude-struck-indonesia-today.html The quake hit off the coast of Indonesia's West Timor Island at around 2.15pm local time, the US Geological Survey (USGS) confirmed. ]]> The huge tremor struck at a depth of 5.3 miles in the sea but no tsunami warning has been issued for the area.

Just hours before the earthquake a smaller 4.7 magnitude tremor hit the north side of the island.

There are no reports of damage or casualties at this stage.  

Witnesses described a powerful jolt that lasted a few seconds.

An AFP reporter in Kupang said: 'I was on the second floor of my office and suddenly everybody ran outside because of the earthquake.

'All the chairs were shaking, we were traumatized by all the earthquakes in Lombok.'

A string of deadly earthquakes that rocked Lombok Island this summer killed some 555 people.

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Irish protesters reject pardon plea from Pope Francis http://www.rtcg.me/english/world/212861/irish-protesters-reject-pardon-plea-from-pope-francis.html Pope Francis may have been begging forgiveness at a mass in Phoenix Park, but just four miles away the banners at a protest rally in the heart of Dublin rebuffed that request with short, sharp slogans. ]]> “Hey Pope Francis you’re outta chances”, “The Pope is a dope”, “The Pope is protecting paedophiles”, “Religion is fine, rape is not”, “Repeal the church”, and, perhaps most cuttingly: “The church way worse than the Brits.”

The anger, pain and defiance expressed on Sunday made clear that the pontiff’s two-day visit to Ireland had not salved the wounds from clerical sexual abuse and cruelty in Magdalene laundries and other institutions, at least not for the several thousand people gathered at the Garden of Remembrance. 

“I don’t think he’s said enough, apologised enough,” said Fiona O’Driscoll, an educator who came with her husband and three children, aged three to 13. “I don’t want to scare them with stories … but things happened and they were awful. And for so long no one believed the victims.”

The pope’s requests for forgiveness in his Phoenix Park sermon, including for members of the church hierarchy who covered up “painful situations”, were far too little and too late for the crowd who had gathered at the garden dedicated to the memory of those who gave their lives for Irish freedom.

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Forest fires near Berlin could burn for days http://www.rtcg.me/english/world/212609/forest-fires-near-berlin-could-burn-for-days.html German authorities have warned that it could be some time until forest fires burning outside Berlin are extinguished. Hundreds of firefighters have been deployed to the area, but strong winds are hampering their efforts. ]]> Wildfires threatening villages southwest of Berlin could continue burning for days, Brandenburg state Premier Dietmar Woidke said during a visit to region on Friday.

"At the moment, it's not clear when we will be able to give the all-clear…it could be a matter of days," he told reporters. "The wind is a huge a concern." 

Around 600 firefighters backed by helicopters and water cannons are battling the fires some 50 kilometers (31 miles) outside the German capital. Strong gusts of wind have fanned the flames, expanding the blazes to an area the size of 500 football fields and sending smoke as far as Berlin and Potsdam.

"The fire continues to be a big threat," Woidke said. "But we will do everything to protect people's property."

The fact that the burning forests are laden with unexploded munitions is also complicating firefighting efforts. Local authorities said there had already been several explosions.

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Knifeman kills his mother and sister in stabbing rampage http://www.rtcg.me/english/world/212516/knifeman-kills-his-mother-and-sister-in-stabbing-rampage.html A man armed with "several knives" killed his mother and sister and seriously injured another woman in a town near Paris on Thursday, officials said. ]]> The man, who police said had been on a terror watch list since 2016, was later shot and killed after confronting police in Trappes.


He also stabbed a third victim, a female passerby, who was gravely injured in the attack. France's interior minister Gerard Collomb told reporters the attacker had "serious psychiatric problems", and said the attack was not being treated as terrorism.


Despite providing no evidence, the Islamic State group claimed the attack via its propaganda channel.


The attacker, 36, reportedly shouted "Allahu Akbar" during the rampage, and was shot dead by police after the assault in a residential street.


Local media, citing police sources, said he was discovered to have been carrying several knives and a long-time friend of the attacker named him as Kamel Salhi, which was confirmed by a government official.


The friend, Said Segreg, said Salhi had no obvious problems, didn't abuse drugs or alcohol and wasn't fervently religious.


Salhi was divorced and living with his mother, said Adama Traore, another of his acquaintances in Trappes.

Isil claimed responsibility for the attack, despite it appearing to be a domestic incident, saying one of its members had carried out the assault.

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