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Sergej Cetkovic - Biography

His first appearance, which occurred 28 years ago, can be taken, tentatively, as the official beginning of an impressive musical career.  In 1986 when he won the second place at the child festival "Our joy" in his native Podgorica, Sergej was only ten years old and he did not dream that he would become a pop star in future.

His talent was noticed so he became one of the best students in piano classes, in the primary and as well in the secondary music school "Vasa Pavic".  During the day, at school, he played Bach, Mozart, Schubert, and at night, at home, he played Peter Gabriel, Beatles, Joe Cocker .

Sergej was definitely “infected” with pop-rock sound, therefore three years later in 1989 his official musical career started with the band "Burning Heart" in which he played  keyboard and sang  back vocals. Five years later,  in 1994, he sang in a full capacity in the band  "Amphitheatre", where he began as a keyboardist and back vocal and he later became the lead vocal.

Four years later, in 1998, Sergej begins his solo career with appearing at the summer pop festival "Sunny Skale" in Herceg Novi, where he sang the song "You were rose".  Early in the new millennium, driven by his musical feeling, Sergej announced a new  sound  in our pop music.

His first album "Kristina" was published by  "Goroton" in 2000.  New musical tendencies, which were felt in the sound of his compositions, were accepted even prior to the official appearance of his CD. That summer at the prestigious Budva festival called "Song of the Mediterranean”, Sergej sang the song “  Hours, days, years”  and he received applause by  the audience and the critics.  In addition to the above mentioned song , the following  songs "I will stop the time", "Wake me up", "City" were on the first album made by the author himself who set a "new sound" so the songs won all the charts and became the  most popular songs of the year.

Carried by the good wind and feeling that his musical formula is verified by the enormous number of fans of the new pop sound, two years later, in 2002 Sergej  released his second studio album  "Be like water", published by  "Goroton".  
With his performances in 2003 at the Mediterranean Festival in Budva where he sang "I exist as well ", which is still the ultimate hit, and a year later at the festival   "Eurovision – Euro song Monte Negro " where he sang  "I can not forgive you" he confirmed the position of its musical direction. Next year, in 2005, he released his   third studio album "When you need it" published by the record company  "City records."  This album break all records, both in circulation and the audience:  songs  "Look into the darkness", "Damn you "," The ring on the table " for two years were in the top of the charts in all the countries of former Yugoslavia.

With his fourth album, "Half of my world" published in 2007 by “City Records”, Sergej  Cetkovic definitely  placed his music disc into the history of pop music in the Balkans.
The fifth CD "2 minutes" published by “City Records” and “Aquarius Records” was released in the year when this well known musician celebrates a decade of work on Balkan music scene.
After ten years of professional career singer and composer Sergej Cetkovic can boast the success of the artist and the businessman, the qualifications for top pop star.
This fact supports figures, which are related to album sales (CD), visitors at concerts or any other parameter that is taken into account when the music industry is concerned.
His income statement, however, is divided into four categories:
1. Music
2. Discography
3. Concert
4. Media

1) Music balance of his success is reflected in the review of the beginning of his career (2000) when the Balkan music scene shook the new pop standard. To mention a few ultimate hit songs, some of which are already several established itself as "eternal songs":

"Hours, days, years" (CD "Kristina")
"There I exist " (Music Festival - Budva 2003).
"I will stop the time" (CD ...)
"You are happy, I know”  (CD "Be my water")
"I don’t want to know" (CD "When you need it")
“The views in the darkness" (CD "When you need it")
"Damn" (CD "When you need it")
"I am a male" (CD "When you need it")
"A ring on the table" (CD "When you need it")
"A thousand reasons" (CD "When you need it")
"Call Me" (CD "When you need it")
"Half of my world" (CD "Half of my world")
"If you wanted" (CD "Half of my world")
"Love has nothing to do with it" (CD "Half of my world")
"Sorry" (CD "Half of my world")
"Two minutes" (CD "2 minutes")
"Know that you are mine" (CD "2 minutes")                                                                                                                                                   "I still love you"  - pilot single                                                                                                                                                                    “Because of us” – pilot single

Sergej Cetkovic2) Discography balance is reflected in the fact that Sergej Cetkovic, after five published  CD, is one of the best-selling authors in the Balkans. So far, the data of his discography  houses show  he sold almost a million CDs and cassettes. With record sales (in 2006), boasts the album "When you need it," which was sold in more than 100 thousand copies. However,

the CD "2 minutes", whose sales are in progress, for now, according to unofficial data, record labels, is  breaking all records.  We will mention the fact that the DVD with concert footage from the Centre "Sava" (from 2006) was sold in over 50 thousand copies.
3) Concert balance will be quite impressive if you name just a few exact data on the tickets sold and the number of visitors who have seen and heard Sergej: in the past nine years, according to unofficial sources, both on concert tours and performances of any kind, Sergej was seen and heard more than half a million people.

The first official concert tour "When you need it" (2005) was followed by the more
than 100 thousand visitors. Let us mention some performances: three related concerts, held at Belgrade's Sava Center, watched by nearly 12 thousand people, then Podgorica concert which was attended by six thousand,seven  thousand in Budva, Nis with six thousand and Novi Sad five thousand.  The second major solo tour, which has almost lasted nearly ten months, saw close to two hundred thousand people. Concert tour “2 minutes” started in 2010 and it will

last until 2015 when his new album is expected.
Here are some data that our management proudly notes in this agenda:
- Belgrade - Sava Center, five related concerts (20,000 visitors)
- Belgrade - Belgrade Arena (17 000 visitors)
- Novi Sad - Main Hall Spens (6,000 visitors)
- Nis – Hall Cair (5500 visitors)
- Subotica - Sports Hall (3,000 visitors)
- Cacak - Sports Hall (3,000 visitors),
- Pozarevac - Sports Hall (2,000 visitors)
- Sabac - Sports Hall (3,000 visitors)
- Krusevac - Sports Hall (3,000 visitors)
- Sremska Mitrovica - Sports Hall (2,000 visitors),
- Uzice - Sports Hall (4,000 visitors)
- Podgorica - small sports stadium (6 000 visitors)
- Banja Luka - Kastel fortress (3 000 visitors)
- Zajecar - City Square (11 000 visitors)

- Opatija – Summer plato ( 3000 visitors)
- Sarajevo – Sports Hall ( 3000 visitors)
- Bar (Montenegro) - Sports Hall (4,000 visitors
- Niksic – (Montenegro) - small sports stadium 4,000 visitors
- Belgrade - Belgrade Arena (18 000 visitors)

Note: The capacity of all concert space, which are listed, were filled to the last seat.
4) Media balance of business activities in the previous period borders with fantastic results. He is now a true media personality. His picture, placed in both the written and broadcast media, symbolizes the successful musicians and artists with distinctly moral traits. His name is not  linked to a single affair, which in today's era of "pistol" journalism is a great success.
Sergej CetkovicMore than a hundred thousand fans at the official forum site of Sergej Cetkovic and his face book, which has formed over 60,000 of his fans every day to communicate and exchange information about his music (the site over the past two years, visited by more than half a million people).

Countless announcements, news, articles and interviews are just part of the press clippings this well-known musicians. His current concert tour, "2 minutes" followed by the more than 150 national and local TV stations, over 200 radio stations, and has given close to a thousand statements and interviews ...His videos, which are "spin" on television throughout the region were seen in the last ten years by nearly 20 million people.


Cd - "Kristina"
Publisher: Goraton (Monte Negro)
Year of publication: 2000.

Cd - "Be like water"
Publisher: Goraton (Monte Negro)
Year of publication: 2003.

Cd - "Best Of"
Year of publication 2005
Publisher: Goraton (Monte Negro)

Cd "When you need it"
Publisher: City Records (Serbia)
Year of publication: 2005.

DVD-CD: Sergei Live from Sava Center
Year of publication: 2006.
Publisher: City Records (Serbia)

Cd-"Half of my world"
Year of publication: 2007.
Publisher for Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina: City Records (Serbia)
Publisher for Montenegro, "Goraton"

Cd-"2 minutes"
Publisher: City records (Serbia) & Aquarius Records (Croatia)
Year of publication: 2010.


DVD-: Sergej - Live from Beogradska Arena
Year of publication: 2010.
Publisher: City Records (Serbia)

CD -  Sergej – Balade  "Best Of”
Year of publication: 2011.
Publisher: City Records (Serbia)